Medical exemptions confusion

I’ll try and make this straight forward Just had my triage call, was deemed medically unfit due to main two reasons
Age 25 for some concept :

1) hip limitation ( Wont be fixed till labrum is worn out, 10 or more years).. easy keyhole surgery
Currently complete in high standard of triathlons

2) past and current medical history

asthma was when I was a child
Got some mild depression currently as it runs in family however I haven’t had treatment since school.

my current conditions: celebral palsy which only affects my pronounation of wording at times, otherwise can talk perfectly clear - Nothing major-

raynards - my hands do turn white but due to lack of maturity and clothing
I haven’t been professionally diagnosed or take medical treatment

My mum ( ex military) told me to be 100% honest as you can be done for fraudulent if later found out so I wrote down I sometimes strain when on toilet so bleeding occurs... but that happens with everyone .
They put it as haemorrhoids

hope wasn’t too long - I am appealing against this with any physio and gp notes I can gather but would I be able to have 1 2 1 medical assessment to overturn the ruling!



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Speak to your AFCO for an explination and way forward, no one medically qualified to help on this site, let us know how you get on, good luck.


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No such thing as medical exemption or waiver. If you meet the standards, good to go. If not, other career options are available.


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MY AFCO doesn’t really do a lot!
Maybe not, however, that is the system you must use. As 'Sumo' says, try face to face contact. Become a person and not an anonymous name on an email.
No one likes negative news, but as already mentioned' a facility exists to query the triage call - use it.
Again, it has already been mentioned, no one on here is professionally qualified to answer your concerns. AFCO, is your best and possibly only option. Let's only hope the career advisor doesn't visit this site!!
Oh! Good luck with your application.

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