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Medical exam- stunned! How to tell the family?

Hiya. I had my medical exam today and passed, which i am completely and utterly stunned about. I figured my recent operation would have been a temporary bar, and the fact that i don't weigh a great deal.

I haven't told my mom yet that i'm joining up. I told my Dad only because i needed a reference and his friend was the only person who was appropriate. Boyfriend knows, but that's it.
Do you think i should tell her now, after the medical exam, or wait until the fitness test? I'm going to struggle with the fitness test right now because my fitness is rock bottom and heart rate sky high after this op'. But Boyfriend's helping me along, so hopefully it'll be ok...

Any thoughts?


War Hero
talk to your Mum snapdragon, if she doesn't already know, or guessed, ask her if she minds and that it's something you've set your heart on........hopefuly she'll be supportive 8)
Your old man may have spoken to her about it already and she may be waiting to see when you are ready to tell her. :?

mine was sort of ok when I joined up......4 years down the line, she's at everything that I do in public for the Navy that she can be and talk about proud :roll: !!? :oops:
Well all I can say is talk to her. Chances are she may know anyway and if she doesn't then she will have to sooner or later. With luck she will be really supportive with your fitness training as well. My lad has just had his final entry brief and I am so proud of him for getting this far. The AFCO said that they are currently getting 68% fail rate at the aptitude test, so you have done really well already. Work at the fitness as much as you are able and give her the chance to be a very proud mum.


War Hero
Can't see what the big problem is. I mean, it's not as if you've robbed a bank or gotten someone pregnant.

Just tell her; she will probably surprise you.

Can't see what the big problem is. I mean, it's not as if you've robbed a bank or gotten someone pregnant.

Just tell her; she will probably surprise you.


Foxy I think Snapdragon is a Lass[scots translated --girl/young woman] ---so no chance on getting some one pregnant :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


War Hero
Fair point :oops: ; difficult to tell from the Avatar (what's that all about anyway).

On the bright side her Mum might just be pleased about it and will be able to rent her room out.

Hi all, thanks for the replies.

I'm pretty funny about telling my mom because she's got this irrational fear of water and boats- let alone big f*ck off warships. Also, i'd feel so damn stupid if i fall at this last hurdle.

I think because i've been harbouring this desire for so long, and keeping all my AFCO related activites secret for so long, that it almost feels like a dirty secret i can't tell! One one hand, i want to tell the world- on another, it just feels... wrong!

Jesse650, it's very unlikely that my Dad's spoken to her- they're divorced. I don't mean to keep her in the dark, but her fear is going to rub off on me in that she'll criticise before she praises. And i'm a sensitive soul ;)
Sandygib, thanks for that. I think if i tell her about the aptitude test failures she might be kind of proud.
Silverfox, i am a girl, the avatar's my Muay Thai camp's logo!

Thanks all, i do appreciate your answers and feel like a bit of a numpty for even asking all this. It's just so important to me, i don't want to mess any little detail up.


Lantern Swinger
I Think it depends on what branch you are intending to join snapdragon if for example you intend to join as a dental assistant then you wont see much sea time on the other hand if you intend to join a sea going branch its a different matter. You havent said how old you are but if you are not a junior it is not relevant to the mob what your mum says. I dont know the exact statistics but you are more likely to get killed in your boyfriends car than a grey war canoe sinking and you drowning . If you can talk to her but if not see how far you get in the application then talk to her before you get on the train to raliegh . i told mine 24hrs before i left and she was as proud as . I wish i had told her sooner.
Hiya, i'm going to be a Stoker. I'm 21, so i'm not looking for approval or anything, i just don't want to hear the "are you sure?" lecture! And i do want everyone to be proud, but if i tell her then me Nan and everyone else will know and, well, it'd be a bit overwhelming.
I'm more likely to die in my own car than my boyfriend's ;) i won't go into my very near misses driving to the medical centre...


Lantern Swinger
If they respect you as an adult they will accept it and be proud of you . As a parent myself if my kid wanted to join I would still ask if they were sure and why they wanted to join up . If they came up with a valid reason I would be as proud as punch and carry their kit to the station for them.


Lantern Swinger
All I will say is that if you are met with a negative response, don't be put off about joining. You sound as if you have really set your mind on joining up and if you allow people to talk you out of it then it will probably be a decision you will regret for a long long time. At the end of the day it is your choice and your choice alone. Go with it girl and the very best for the future.
Thanks :) Perhaps i should just say it now. I'm seeing my Dad later and he's well chuffed, so at least i'll get on good response!


War Hero
snapdragon - again, my apologies for getting your gender wrong. It was an honest mistake. I see from your quote "let alone big f*ck off warships" that you're already getting the language down pat so you should fit into the Stokers world with ease.

Never be afraid to ask a question. All are relevant, even if they appear stupid to others - they're important to you. Good luck.

No offense taken, Silver_fox! I'd have to harden up pretty fast if i got offended by that sort of thing! I'm not bothered whether people think i'm male or female as long as i get useful responses, which i have! So thanks all. I might do it tonight so she can have the weekend to think without me having to hear the lecture!


if you are worried about telling your Mom about your potential carrier what are you going to be like when you tell her you'v meet the Marines :D


Book Reviewer
A letter would be the easiest way....


Please forgive me for writing this letter, however I don't know how to break this news to you direct to your face. The thing is, I've met someone and I really think this is it, true love! I'm going to be moving in with Mick in the near future - he's got a beautiful place in which we're going to live and bring up our family (did I mention I was pregnant?). Its the latest in luxury caravans and has got running water and everything! I know its not the same as a house, but it will enable us to travel and see the country as Mick and his mates carry out their jobs helping little old ladies sort out their roof, electrics, plumbing and driveways - he tells me its very lucrative and he gets paid loads, all in cash.



PS. Don't worry about the above - its all a pack of lies, I've taken your advice and got myself a proper job. I think I'll look great in Blue so I've joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker.

:D I might've actually given her that, but i told her on Friday. She was ok actually, she did have a bit of a whinge that it'd be her 'nightmare job'. but otherwise she was pretty impressed with all the benefits and all. So i think she'd be pretty proud if i get through.


War Hero
Youll be fine!Just do as youre told,never be late,dont volounteer,give 100% and you will pass with flying colours!
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