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 Our client is a newly formed company engaged in the provision of medical and political evacuations around the world. At the centre of the business will be a state of the art, IT led, 24/7 operations room located in the City of London. The operations centre is responsible for the planning, co-ordination and execution of all evacuations. This centre will be run by former members of the British armed forces. Evacuations can be needed for a wide variety of reasons from a holiday-maker involved in a road traffic accident, to a security consultant wounded in Afghanistan. Other clients will include, Non-Governmental Organisations, private military companies, energy and mining companies and international commercial and contract companies. By coordinating all aspects of the evacuation, including linguists, medical teams and transport, the operations centre will have a plan and the ability to repatriate the individual(s) in need.
You role is to manage an individual evacuation procedure. You will be required to identify local service providers who in-turn will lead on various aspects of the evacuation procedure in the fastest, safest and most flexible way possible. Simply put, your role is to get an individual or group of individuals out of whatever difficult situation they may be in and get them home as safely and quickly as possible. You must have experience of working within a medevac operation.
Our client is especialy keen to interview service leavers and former service personnel who have acquired a disability or long-term injury whilst serving. [hr]Click for more information about this job......
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