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I am interested in joining as an officer and have undertaken some research, however, i am now concerned about the medical.

For 2 or 3 years i have tried to make a living as a professional rugby player, this means i am of a muscular build due to many years of rugby and weights. whilst i am lean and fit according to BMI chart i would be too heavy.

I am 182 CM tall and a solid 92kg, although i run and train regularly standard BMI charts say ideally i should be 77kg.

Will this pose a problem in the medical?




This has been answered many times.

To humour you, BMI is an important figure. Some diss it as rugby players will have a high figure while not being obese. Rugby players are, however, very prone to premature arthritis due to excess weight (fat or muscle - makes no difference to your knees) and this can pose a problem.

We often adopt a different formula when assessing muscle bosuns which uses your frame (small, medium or large) as a guide.

Advice is to concentrate on CV stuff and ease off on the weights and see how it goes.
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