Medical Discharges at Raleigh

I've heard a lot of people get discharged from Raleigh with exercise induced asthma and other problems. My question is how are these people are getting diagnosed, is it simply they cannot complete certain exercises or are there medical tests there that spot it?

Reason i ask is because i'm thinking of applying soon and i used to suffer from asthma and i'd like to make sure i'm not wasting anyone's time by applying.

My peak flow readings are fine and i know that is the only real test in the pre-joining medical to spot asthma and i haven't had medication for approx 6 years. Basically if there are specific tests that are performed at Raleigh that identify asthma sufferers then i'd like to try them first before applying.

I've searched the boards and cannot seem to find answers for this.

There are no specifics oppo, just some medics that couldn't really give a s£&t. If your peak flow is normal then you'll be ok. I have asthma and still serve, still in date for me fitness test so you will be probably ok!
Good luck at Raleigh..

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It depends on how it affects you. A lot of guys who get booted during basic cant complete fitness tests. On the other hand, some can and do. There are lung function tests which can point towards asthma but they are rarely required as people often "remember" the diagnosis they "forgot" to put on the form.

I'm confused by the "medics who don't give a shit" comment above - please expand.
Just appeared to be the general attitude of MA's of the JR variety, I'm going back a few years.... ( I also had a Pussers or two last night when I commented, sorry for harshness.

AUV's have no strings attached


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Those developing asthma whilst serving can also be legitimately medically discharged, so probably best not to crow about it,eh? :glasses8:

The rules are reasonably straightforward with regard the standards for entry & medical records are checked to confirm no signs, symptoms or treatment (including "precautionary") within the 4 years prior to entry.

Those with undisclosed pre-existing medical conditions are usually discharged for making a fraudulent application.

At Raleigh, at present I think med discharges (for all conditions) run at about 3%.
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