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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by grumpywurzel, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Hiya Guys,I know this has been covered so many times, but my head is up my arse and I dont know what to do next. I have just been told I am to to be boarded possibly Easter next year. My original tx was 28/10/13 but took 2OE so the new TX is 28/10/18. On the old pension scheme too.I stupidly thought that the Mob would just me let me do my time, even though I am a stoker in an office job (as the billet would be gapped if I leave). So really what do I do now? Technically I am not classed as a service leaver yet as the Docs are busy and I wont see them for another 2 weeks (they have to signal that I need a MBOS, correct?) so I cant start resettling either.I suffered a knee injury back in the 90's, had an arthroscopy and they removed some cartilage but basically they said that nothing could be done, just take brufen etc when the knee gets too bad (usual advice...). Unfortunately now the old man's rot has set in, OA and thats it.Like I said, my head is on fire and I feel like I am in a flat spin, not helped with a recent seperation from the wife (of 19 years...), so any help is gratefully recieved.CheersGarry
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's probably worth having a chat with your ERO, sooner rather than later just to clarify your entitlement and what mechanisms are in place pending MBOS.

    If you're not able to serve at sea, I'm afraid you were living in cloud cuckoo land thinking the mob would employ you for 5 years in a shore billet as a clanky - not going to happen as someone else will be drafted early out of turn to take-up your billet afloat. Now, if you were a Writer, it would be different....
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  3. Cheers for the info mate, once the docs signal off for the MBOS am I right in thinking thats when the resettlement bit begins? As for the cloud cuckoo land bit, maybe you are right mate but as there is no other plum to do it (as everyone knows the ME branch has gone to the dogs big time), I thought maybe they might allow me to continue to do the job anyway. I am having to do the DEPCO job as a PO as there isnt a Chief Stoker around to do it.........
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well, at least you are an optimist, despite the setbacks ^^

    I'd go to see the ERO now to be honest, just to see where you stand. It's unlikely you'll be TTFO, they maybe able to give you a good steer.
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  5. Hi GW. I've just been through the NMBOS process so I can hopefully help. I am a CPOME and was retained so don't know the full dit on resettlement but can help up to a point. Firstly, who has said you'll be boarded in the spring? You said the medics are busy so who said that? It'll be the docs who refer you to NMBOS and that starts the whole process rolling. You have to have everything ready for NMBOS around 90 days before your board. There is paperwork to be completed by you, your DO, the docs and the UPO. You will also get info on getting on a resettlement briefing. This gives you a huge amount of info on completing the forms, the process for the board and the rules on pension and compensation entitlements if you are discharged. It's very good so make sure you get on one. You can arrange your Career Transition Workshop in advance of the board but not really any other settlement. You can obviously look at what you'd like to do though and have a chat with the ERO.

    If you are retained by the medics on the NMBOS with limitations then the decision goes to an employability board which is where you might fall down. If the medics say "can be retained but not fit for sea service" the employability board can say "we as a branch cannot accept that as it will block out a shore job for too long". They would then discharge you. You still get a medical discharge and all the associated pension and allowances.

    If you are discharged by either board you cease to work at your previous job immediately that decision is made and begin invaliding leave, resettlement time, terminal leave and any ALA you have left. At your resettlement brief they'll give you an idea of when the earliest you'll be discharged is.

    So take a deep breath, try to relax and realise this is not going to be that a swift process. Once you've been referred for NMBOS you can get the ball rolling with the resettlement people and you'll have time to get stuff in place. At the very least after the time you've done you'll get a half decent payoff and there are plenty of jobs out there for engineers.

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  6. Cheers for all of that mate, I will re-read it slowly lol and make sure I take it all in!! As for the MBOS recommendation in the spring, it was a four ringer at my second MIAC appointment, he is writing a report which my doctor will read. He said on my next visit to the the docs they will signal off requesting the MBOS. He estimated my probable MBOS date as my own doctor had said there was a 12 month waiting list now for the MBOS but the Captain said it was more like 6 months..... He did mention that I have more chance of "Platting Fog" that I could stay in due to the state of my knee!!!!
  7. I was referred for NMBOS in April and was on the Oct board. To be honest you need about 6 months for the referral, planning, admin and checking by NMBOS people anyway. If I'd been discharged the earliest I'd have been outside was about Feb so you're probably best thinking 4-5 months after. You will find out for definite at the resettlement brief. Make sure you get on one of them. The guys in the NMBOS office I dealt with (Faslane) we're very good and everyone down at INM is nice enough too. I was relatively sure I was staying in so didn't do CTW before the board. In your case it might be worthwhile getting as much as possible in place before the board. If the decision is discharge there isn't exactly a huge amount of time to arrange courses before you go out so get as much as possible sorted before. That's the one negative I could see in the whole process. Once the decision is made there's not much allowance made for whether courses you might want are available in the timeframe. It seems to be just get the leave and resettlement time you are entitled to and off you go whether the use of that time is valid and worthwhile or not. Prior planning will definitely pay off for you.

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  8. I was discharged under the same conditions I was a cpo I went to the board to fight my case to remain in, however as my branch required me to go to sea every 18 to 24 months and I was unfit I was discharged. The frightening thing was I had to immediately go to parent establishment where I handed papers in and they cut up my I'd card there and then and gave me a temporary pass to go to resettlement in Nelson a bad experience all round. This was 2000
  9. Thats not quite true or you were given duff information

    you get the option of keeping your ID card until your TX date or if you expect not to visit an establishment again then you can hand it in, I handed mine in the last time I left Faslane after deferring my resettlement for 2 years

    i was discharged last July and was 6 months into my 2OE (PO) now I'm a fibre jointer for openreach, it's been alright and not as scary as some might tell you

    The mob accepted that my illness might have been down to them so gave me my pension tax free and already had an index link rise :yeah:

    annoying thing is that I could have had a second surgery and remained in service and worked at my last job for a while (NATO commcen) but looking back I've had a good year with the kids and still have my gratuity in the bank :) So happy I left and wouldn't change anything
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  10. Oh and resettlement doesn't begin until the outcome of the MBOS

    It wouldn't be cost effective to start all that other training if you were to remain an active member of her majesty's finest

    basically if you were discharged on the 1st Jan you would go straight on disability leave pending the outcome of the employability board and if they agreed with the board everything cascades, resettlement, owed leave and terminal leave

    so for me I was boarded last February, went straight on leave pending the outcome of the employability board and when they sat at the end of the month the UPO in northwood calculated my leaving date as 4th July - the Americans held a party for it

    it's also pro rata leave so if you pass a couple of months through a new leave year you get a portion of the new years leave allowance for example like I was boarded in February and my leave went Into the next leave year so I still served 3 months into the new leave year so an extra 9 days were added on

    so from being medically discharged to actually not being paid anymore was 4 months for us old timers (16+ years resettlement)

    but if you can't take resettlement within the time your given you can ask it to be deferred for upto 2 years after your terminal date (costs for courses etc only)
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  11. Same happened to me back in 2000. 24 months before my projected retirement date.
    Good scam if you can get it. 14 odd years income tax free more than makes up for the few years I missed having to
    leave early.

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