Medical Discharge / War Pension Idea?

Is there a need to change the current Medical Discharge and War Pensions System

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Please give feedback on this idea. I have spoken with the Veterans Agency as I was Medically Discharged back in March 2007 and I'm still awaiting on my % of disability and, having to pay £50 a month on perscription charges. The VA has said that the system is not correct and the fact they are not permitted service leavers documents until their last two weeks of service causes problems in its self. If you think about it, in which other employment would you be injured and removed from their employment without knowing what their compensation package was going to be for you.

The duty of care we should all be getting from the MoD is failing. I asked the VA if I don't agree with the % of Disability I'm awarded, how long would I have to waiting to get an answer. I was informed that at present the waiting time is anything up to 12 months plus. I asked what do you expect a medically discharged person to live on, I was informed "Charity". This is why I believe the system requires to be given an overhaul, upgraded to ensure it's covering the most vulnerable service leavers.



The current Medical Discharge system is works against the service leaver and hinders their rehabilitation in to civilian life.

On all three medical boards that are held to discuss and opt on the injured persons medical treatment and discharge, very little is discussed about the welfare, benefits, or percentage of disability the person has. I hope in this very informal paper to explain a simple method of improving the present system.

On a service persons final medical board it's important that a member of the Veterans Agency is present. All the medical documents on the person being discharged require to have been seen by the Veterans Agency at least four weeks before the final board.

The medical discharge will be done as per the normal manner but for one crucial piece of information. The degree of disability to be offered to the service leaver will be told there and then. The Service Leaver can get this redressed later if they don't agree with the percentage being offered. They can also discuss the percentage being given with the Veterans Agency person present in phase two of the discharge. It's phase two that will be of great importance to the service leaver.

Phase Two

Once phase one is over the service leaver will meet the Veterans Agency person. It will be down to this person to explain the percentage of disability and the Benefits the service leaver is entitled to.

All paperwork for a war pension is completed before the final Medical Board, Remember the Veterans Agency has had the Medical Documents for four weeks and between them and the Military Doctors have come to their findings.

All the Benefit forms; Incapacity, Mobility, Carers Allowance, housing benefits etc. These are to be filled in at this point. An exemption certificate for prescriptions is issued, this will allow the person to get their medication without any cost to themselves.

Phase Three

The discharge date once confirmed requires to go directly to the Veterans Agency. This will allow them to get all the benefits started in time for the persons discharge date. All follow up medical appointments require to be in place with the Date, Time and location of treatment before the service leaver enters civilian street. This is essential for those suffering from Mental Health Issues (PTSD). Combat Stress should be made aware of the service leaver if they have PTSD.


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As you can see Derek Twigg hasn't answered the question. If anyone out there know's the true figure, then please post it on here with the evidence showing the figures.

I was informed it stood at 7 thousand personnel waiting for their war pension. Not sure who told me but I will go through my emails.



Exservicemen: Disabled
Nick Harvey ( North Devon , Liberal Democrat) | Hansard source

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many armed forces personnel are on the waiting list for a redress of their veterans disability entitlements.

Derek Twigg (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Defence) | Hansard source

Under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme there are two options available for armed forces personnel who are dissatisfied with the decision made on their claim.

They can ask Service Personnel and Veterans Agency to look at the decision again—this is called reconsideration. As at 30 June 2007 there were 48 cases awaiting completion of which 27 were from serving armed forces personnel.

They can appeal to the Pensions Appeal Tribunal, which is independent of the MOD. As at 30 June 2007 there were 43 cases awaiting appeal hearings of which 20 were from serving armed forces personnel.


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Thank you to all those that have placed their vote in the poll. I would like to discuss on this thread with anyone that is or has been Medically Discharged on the advice given to them on the area's covered above.

I was informed that once I was discharged all the agencies would kick in and my war pension would start approx 30 day's after the day I left. I was discharged on the 31 March and still no war pension or % of disability given!!

Do we get told the best case scenario, or just mislead by those wishing to clear their desks?

are you awaiting the new compensation disability allowance or the old one. i have heard there are long waiting list espicially in the very intrested in this.


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I have asked about the prepaid prescription service and have filled in the formes. Thank you for that information slim.

I'm on the old system. I asked a member of the Vets Agency some months ago, before I was discharged, about the time frame for my war pension to kick in. I was told anything from 4 months to 6 months and If I redress against their % of disability given to me, It could take over a years to sort out. I have heared that over 7 thousand veterans are waiting for their war pension at present. I would like to point out this has not be established as fact yet!!
Prescription charges are waived for any one who is recieving benefits .
When you collect the medication it requires a signature and also a question
sheet--- tick off the appropriate boxes.

:nemo: :nemo:


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Thanks for that SF. I have had alot of information sent to me from several people on this issue, I'm going through it at present and a lot of the problems are the same. Basic admininstration issues. One point that shocked me is; If a soldier is discharged with PTSD and gets less than 30% for their disability, they have to find the funding for combat stress. Yes I know the Benevolent funds will help out, but only for so many session....

This is a reply I got back from the Shadow Defence Minister for the Conservative Party. This was reference the idea above on medical discharges / war pensions.

Thank you for this. I've been sent it as I've taken over from Mark Harper.

You obviously have some experience in medical discharge and I am alarmed to find that the process is no smoother and no more helpful than when I had some dealings with it prior to 2001.

I will reflect on your proposals as I draw up our Services welfare manifesto during the summer. At first glance I welcome a lot of it.

Best wishes,
Andrew Murrison
Murrison is an ex Surg Cdr with a good service record and reputation whilst he was in. If anyone is to take an active interest in this it will be him. Might not be soon enough to fix your situation, but his work will (hopefully) benefit others down the line.

Good luck to you in your quest for recognition and your due's.



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I'm glad Mr Murrison has a good track record with military service and issues etc.

All I would like is for those that have served their country to be treated fairly. Why should veterans have to seek legal advice when trying to get what's due to them. The only people that make money are those legal professions, the MoD and the veteran charities end up out of pocket.




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Some real good examples of bad treatment on othere threads. E-Goat has had a lot of feedback. I'm sure there are enough people using this site that could add to this debate.
Hit back,
A pre paid yearly prescription will cost you £97. The next time you pay for your pills ask for a form. The money you pay for the pills that day will be re embursed to you when you show the dispensing chemist the little white credit card with your name on. The chemist will mark the form to say you've paid up front this time for the record.
They send it through the post PDQ. I reckon my little card saved me over £200 in a year. Your savings will be even greater.
I sincerely hope that your need for medication drops off sharpish....if it doesn't then there is help, in a way, with this card!
All the best. :thumright:


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I have just been sent an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate today. So at least my medication is sorted out. I'm still waiting on the VA to give me my % of disability though. I've been waiting just over 4 months for the war pension to come through.

The bloody pain is not allowing me to get my head down at all at present, I've already taken 4 sleep tablets (the norm is 1 to 2 tbs). I have already taken over the normal dose of medication for a single day, my bloody liver must be working over time.


Lantern Swinger
I am not nor ever have been in the Medical profession but please be careful about taking too many sleeping tablets you could inadvertently overdose by becoming confused and then take even more tablets and perhaps kill yourself.
Hope your problems and pension is sorted out soon,it took them approx 6 months to sort mine out.
Have you had a visit from your local Welfare worker at the Veterans Agency,the lovely lady who came to see me sorted loads out and got me loads of incidentals I did not know I was entitled to
Chin up


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morsehorse, Thanks. My wife gave me a real roasting over how many tablets I had taken. As I'm sure most people that have chronic pain will say, they would do anything to get rid off it. I even asked my MO before discharge, If I could just get my leg taken of from the hip. He informed me that I would continue to get ghost pains due to it being a spinal injury.

The Welfare worker from the VA has been around and I'm planning to see her again very soon.

In the year 2000 my head went bang, a cerebral vascular accident they called it. Suffice to say that it screwed me up bigtime and I was a cats nadger away from a full blown stroke and all the delights that go with it.

In the mornings now I rattle with all the pills I have to take to stave off another bleed. I am very ambivalent now. I've had my stand up argument with the guy and his scythe and we've agreed to call it a draw for now; he'll be back of that I'm sure. Seems he's busy elsewhere lately.

What I have learned though above all else is when the pain and the pain and the pain won't go away all that's left is you and a sense of humour. Hitback and Morsehorse you both seem to have this elusive humour abilty keep going - keep going - keep going!!!!
Can't scare me...coz the lights are on....and I'm still in! :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Totally agree with you humour is the thing that keeps me going and knowing that I am still on this planet well half the time anyway!!
I lost my husband to cancer in Feb 2005 and it makes you take stock of yourself and know that there is always someone worse off than me.
I am classed as 80% disabled by the Veterans Agency after an injury on duty would you believe it happened in 21st year of my 22 year engagement.
No support from the mob of course and it left me very disillusioned with their duty of care,but our lads and lasses who are engaged in conflicts now get even less care.It is a disgrace.
Take care
The RBL and VA have been fantastic


Lantern Swinger
Can I seriously recommend soliciting Bigger Hitters to support your cause. MPs?, Media?

Thanks, SF. 'Hitback' has considerable talents in that direction. BAFF is following this discussion, and in fact there is already a parallel discussion under way in the BAFF member area.

rgds, D.Y.

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