Medical discharge under afps15


Evening all,

I'm hoping someone can offer me some advise with regards to medical discharge under the impending afps 15 pension scheme.

I'm due to go back to med board again after a second failed attempt at surgery. The signal won't be triggered until around December time, which means I'm looking at a board date of some time around August 2015. I'm currently on the afps 05 scheme and would have done just under 8 years by the time I get to board. My concern is what kind of payout I would receive under afps 15? I'm going to opt for retention, but have been told by my surgeon that it's unrealistic.

I've tried searching the web but to no avail and was hoping someone on here could shed some light on it for me?

Many thanks for your help


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Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

I'd be mega impressed if someone were able to give a definitive answer on where you would stand with regard a medical discharge under AFPS 15 at this point in time, to be honest.

At risk of being viewed as a cynic, I've yet to see a new pay/pension/compensation scheme be rolled-out on time or deliver a better renumeration package for the recipient, when compared to the previous scheme.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong & wish you good luck.


Thanks for the reply Ninja,

Yea that was my guess to be honest, I've asked around and no one really seems to have a clue, so thought I'd try my luck here.

If I find anything out I'll put it up on here, so hopefully it'll help others out too.


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Check the MOD intranet. There was a DIN or something this week on precisely this subject. I think it said if you are in the process on 1 April 15 you go through on your existing scheme. I can't be certain what 'in the process' was precisely though. It'll definitely be on the intranet though. I'll check when I get back to work next week if you can't find it.


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If the signal is triggered around December surely your boarding will be march or April since in the first board you get a minimum of 100 days and on others it seems quicker

Or are you talking about the doctor sending off the signal for you to be med boarded

But even then August sounds miles away

I knew I was going to med board in the October and my boarding month was February



Yea the signal will be triggered December time, but the PMO has said that due to the amount of people going through the nmbos process, I'll be looking at an 8-9 month wait.

I've found some information out about being boarded after the 31st March 2015. If a decision has been made by the board before this date that someone will be made P8, then they'll be discharged under their existing pension scheme/entitlements. Anyone discharged after this date, will receive a payout under their existing afps and will also get a payout under the afps 15 scheme too. This secondary payment will be dependant on the amount of time served.

The din has some examples and is very long winded, so I shall start a new post tomorrow and post the details including theoretical examples, should anyone be interested.

Again thanks to everyone for their input.



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Och its better to just get it over and done with

Now outside with a tax free pension and a war pension so if you are definitely going then send off the forms to take the minimum amount of time to go to board