Medical Discharge (Temporary) from Raleigh


My son has had a medical discharge (temporary) from Raleigh after two weeks due to shin splints problems. He is gutted obviously after waiting two years to join.
He was told at Raleigh that if he could prove medically fit then he could appeal within a year.
He is now having physio and has a plan to get a Personal trainer before appealing
However on phoning the AFCO today he has been told that he needs to start the process all over again.
Has anyone been in this situation and have any advice.
Thanks in advance


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Ninja Stoker, the Rum Ration poster who is a Royal Navy Careers Advisor, will be best placed to advise, Devonjock.

I'm sure that he will add something here by the end of the afternoon, if he is able to.


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Generally, shin splints severe enough to prevent training and occuring within the first couple of weeks of joining usually points toward an undecalred pre-existing injury as the tempo of phys, early days is not particularly arduous.

The thing to be particularly careful about is getting prescribed orthotic insoles as they are a permanent bar to re-entry...even if prescribed after joining.

With regard appealing, the individual needs to be at a state of fitness, free from recurrent injury for a mandated period, usually a year or two because there's categorically nothing to be gained rejoining early only to be discharged again but with no prospect of a further opportunity.

To convince the Navy doctor he's fully recovered after a significant period of total rest and recovery, an extensive and intensive verifiable training diary, such as a download of a training app such as Map My Run (indicating consistent training without extensive gaps pointing to injury, but recording dates, distances, elevation and run-times is a good source of evidence).

Again, good quality running shoes, not fashion crap from supposed "high street sports shops" will definitely help. Again DO NOT get orthotic insoles prescribed or that's the end of it. If needed, buy something like Sorbathane over-the-counter insoles.

Best of luck, beware appealing because you don't like what you are hearing, he needs to be fully recovered.

For those with minor niggly injuries prior to joining reading this, take heed. It is far better to defer entry by a few weeks than join because injuries get worse, not better in training and you have to jump through hoops to rejoin if discharged through injury.


Thanks Ninja Stoker. Very helpful and good advice. He didn't have shin splints (so he tells me) before going in and was going to gym etc but I think he may have underestimated what fitness levels were expected. I think he was doing more weights than cardio where a mixture of all fitness types (circuits etc) would have been better. That may have either set him up for Raleigh or shown his splints before joining
Great advice on the insoles as i was going to get a session booked to look at those! he is a level headed lad and knows that this is going to take time. I have also told him that it may be recurring so a re entry may not be possible.
He is going to give it a go though.

I hope others see your advice on niggly injury's etc as it would have been far easier to delay entry than to start again.


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There is a Dame out there who had the same condition, she took the time to recover and came back and won 2 Olympic Gold's, so anything is possible, good luck to your lad.


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There is a Dame out there who had the same condition, she took the time to recover and came back and won 2 Olympic Gold's, so anything is possible, good luck to your lad.
Wasn't that in a wheel chair though? ;)


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Again the term "shin splints" covers a plethora of ailments, some totally OK for re-entry, some not. My only concern is if the PMO at Raleigh is advising the individual they may later appeal to rejoin, then that indicates the particular injury could be a bar to re-entry. Once discharged, for conditions that can be rehabilitated, applicants normally just go through the re-entry selection process when fit to do so and will be automatically passed fit in respect of a specific ailment if the medical documentation/evidence is submitted for triage together with the medical questionnaire. If you need to appeal, it could mean the condition is going to be an issue (hopefully not).

With regard Olympians, where to start? There are knighted olympian cyclists who "suffer from asthma". This means they can use banned performance enhancing drugs, coincidentally. It also means people with this life threatening condition take unnecessary risks.

There are Olympians who are clinically obese, suffering from cancer, epilepsy, diabetes etc., then there are those who have tragically lost limbs, are paralysed but still compete, and (rightly) win medals. None of them are suitable for military service unfortunately, despite their truly magnificent achievements.


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In a nut shell the Navy discriminate against the old, unfit fat nackers, and the disabled, good job I did my time before that lot court me up


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I was thinking along the lines of Dame Kelly Holmes , pretty fit in my book
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