Medical Discharge from Raleigh appeal


I got discharged from Raleigh on day 2 of basic training as I was deemed to have significant hearing loss on one side. DESPITE never having any hearing problems ever in my life and having passed the pre joining medical.
I have since had two private tests and consultation with an ENT Surgeon that show completely different (Superior) results to Raleigh and the pre joining hearing test - which met entry requirements.

I have appealed and submitted all medical evidence and letters but how long will it take?
I very am angry as I requested to do the hearing test again at Raleigh as there was significant noise and distraction - an open door and window - but I was refused and therefore discharged. I am convinced (and have proven through independent tests now) that I would have passed if allowed to re do the test and request the door to be closed. I was sent home with no job as a result of poor testing conditions. Is it worth a formal complaint or will this damage my appeal process?


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Just to add to the above, if you feel you have grounds for complaint regardless of the medical appeal, there's nothing to stop you submitting it, in writing, via your AFCO, simultaneously.

It will not influence your medical appeal as service complaints are not reviewed by a medical officer.


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The letter that you received from the Captain explains what actions you need to take in order to resolove the medical issuse that made you unsuitable. Go through the medical appeal process first. Your NFA(Med) status may be resolved quicker than you might think (but longer than you want). Ensure that you have all the evidence that you mentioned in your post. If your medical appeal is unsuccessful, then you might want to consider a complaint if you think that it will enchance you chances of returning. Good Luck.


Thank you for your replies, I have already submitted an appeal with supporting evidence - 4 weeks ago. Any idea of time frame for it to be reviewed?By one AFCO I was told 2 to 3 weeks but another when I chased last week said just "weeks" I don't want to keep phoning but my pre joining medical report sat on someone's desk for 6 weeks before anyone realised so I am slightly paranoid!!!!