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Medical Discharge due to Asthma


HMS Neptune sickbay have referred me to mbos in August, with the likelyhood of a medical discharge. I am gutted as I want to stay in the Navy, they have decided now after fifteen years that I am not fit to do my job as an Let Submariner,
It stinks the same week I was awarded my long service and good conduct medal.The navy diagnoised me in 1999 with Asthma, but it has never been a problem, i have served on a lot of V boats since this. I have never failed a fitness test or been downgraded or on remedials. I went to sick bay after xmas leave due to a random drug test, to let them know I was prescribed ammoxycillian by a gp for a chest infection over leave. The doctor looked at my medical records and went mad, saying that my docs where a mess, and was shocked that i had Asthma. He told me to come in for another appointment the following week where he decided to downgrade me.And has now decided that i will be more than likely getting discharged. This is crazy, the day he downgraded me i cycled five miles to work and five miles back. I am perfectly healthy.Can any one help me, as I do not want to get medically discharged, i have now even started resettlement. This has only happened since January this year. Many people are saying its due to the Strategic Defence Review, to get rid of people cheaply. Is this true!!


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Welcome to Rum Ration, Gibbo.

One Rum Ration poster is a Medical Officer; hopefully, he will comment when he logs in over the weekend.


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To be honest, the medical standards with regard asthma are a complete bloody shambles & every sympathy from me with regard the situation you find yourself in. Inconsistency & "make it up as we go along" appears to be the guiding principle as no-one has taken-up the baton of getting it sorted on a tri-service basis and applying the same standard.

Obviously every case is different but there is no uniformity in this particular area and whilst the standards for entry into the service differ, the standard for those serving is equally at odds to what is actually practised in relation to JSP 346 & it's 900 series JSP successor.

As a recruiter I find myself telling people they cannot join with any history of asthma signs, symptoms or precautionary prescription in the last 4 years & then someone pops-up on the RM forum telling everyone that he was prescribed an inhaler only six months ago, but he was passed it as it was "only a precaution" so all everyone need do is appeal & they will be fine. Now we find virtually everyone joining appealing with the claim "ah yes, but I didn't use the inhaler prescribed".

We now see those with any history of asthma undergoing a 4 week peak flow diary, contrary to the JSP. Even those with less than 4 weeks to join the service that have completed a peak flow previously are having to do it again because some chimp fails to record the results. Good for PR, eh? On top of that those prescribed steroidal treatment at any point are randomly told it's a complete bar to entry in some areas but not others - not according the the JSP it isn't.

Finally those serving: There are a fair few in the service that have developed asthma or asthma wheeze during their career. if it manifests during initial training they are discharged, but some continue to serve operationally with frontline Commando units to the end of their service, finally disharged P2 (or whatever the MedCat calls itself this week). If the individual then wishes to join the Reserves: "Sorry mate, you've got asthma". Un-bloody-believable.


I had to do a peak flow chart as I had childhood asthma (nothing serious, just when I played football as a kid) but the results apparently were satisfactory.
I would be more than a bit annoyed if I was in Gibbos situation as from what he says, he is fitter than some "non-asthmatic" members of the forces but hey ho, what can you do? The draconian cuts in the forces have left the gate open for anyone who would tick an unsatisfactory box to be dismissed it seems! I just wonder how long it will take for the gates to close and how bad it will get beforehand! :banghead:


It's hard to comment without knowing the specifics, but here I agree with NS that the guidelines could be clearer and, frankly, it sucks.

What I can say is that NSMBOS is very fair and you have written and verbal opportunity to have your say. You have achieved a lot in the RN despite your diagnosis, and this is strongly in your favour. The decision to stay or go is largely that of NSMEB, the employability board, and it's a lot less transparent than NSMBOS. You should receive plenty of guidance from NEPTUNE but let me know if you need specifics.


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Whilst the situation in which you now find yourself is one of complete negativity with regards to your future employment within the RN, perhaps you could find some positivity in that now something is finally being done about your medical condition which will surely only serve to assist you in the future. Leaving these things as if they will go away if forgotten about only means that eventually they'll Come back to haunt you.

It seems bad now, but you can make it work to your future advantage with the right mind set.


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I know a few people with asthma have an inhaler, no problems. Possibly due to being a submariner may have issues with prescriptions? Maybe they would want you to branch transfer.


I know a few people with asthma have an inhaler, no problems. Possibly due to being a submariner may have issues with prescriptions? Maybe they would want you to branch transfer.
All those years of experience allowed you to add that little nugget. Stick to bed wetting WAFU sprog.


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All those years of experience allowed you to add that little nugget. Stick to bed wetting WAFU sprog.

Don't worry pal sure if you did well at school instead of blowin lads behind the bikeshed you could have done something decent and been a WAFU aswell x


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I know a few people with asthma have an inhaler, no problems. Possibly due to being a submariner may have issues with prescriptions? Maybe they would want you to branch transfer.
I'm fairly certain it's not about 'prescription' medicines in this case, it's the condition itself, so I've been led to believe anyway.
oh, interesting signature by the way...I like the hidden double meaning...although its not really that hidden, I spotted it after all...!


Don't worry pal sure if you did well at school instead of blowin lads behind the bikeshed you could have done something decent and been a WAFU aswell x
I was too busy counting trade pay (not that a sprog would know what that was) to blow anyone behind the sheds. Also we all know why the WAFUS close off the whole ass end of the vessel during HTFS (ask a real matelot for translation) is so they can practice their daisy chains in private.


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I like Patricks signature, if he'd been more able he could possibly have made it as an ME.


I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having. I think the Navy medical board is an absolute joke. Every year loads of people get a nice healthy medical discharge when they have basically lied and played up a silly in jury which is really nothing and these liars actually get away with it.
Guys like yourself want to stay in and continue your good service and they are trying to kick you out.

I myself got shafted in a slightly different way to you, basically I had several bad injuries caused from my service and got messed around so much by useless medical staff that that I waited so long for my surgery, got force fed bad medication and got so depressed about it that I had no choice to leave because they told me that I didn't fit into the medical board criteria but this was only because a stupid strawberry mivi messed up on paper work and played around unknowlingly with my medical catergory.

To cut a long story short I got shafted with the medical pension I should have got but the War Vets realised I had alot of issues so I do recieve a small war pension, I would rather they just helped me medically in the first place and I would now be a Chief with 17 years service maybe even a Warrant and still loving my job and the Navy.

I hope someone from the Medical pensions board is reading this beause yes................. you are all useless and you fail decent Service men and women every day but yet you give hand outs to people who aren't even worthy to work as DHP.

PS The Navy medical branch have ruined my life and I am an inch away to living on the streets, thanks alot guy's. Winners!!!


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I don't feel able to comment on the medical aspect of what you have written but was wondering whether we could link you up with someone who might be able to help you with this bit: "I am an inch away to living on the streets".



Whilst I am an RN MO, I am not so blinkered as to believe people don't get messed around. It annoys me that it happens but sometimes the system fails and well meaning people are powerless to prevent it. For example, Mrs AD had a terrible time and it was only my intervention that gave the system a well-deserved boot ***********. There were medical, admin and divisional failures and I found it frankly embarrassing to deal with (eg DO demanding, and being shown, her F/Med 4 without consent).

If you have specific issues (which you may want to PM instead of post in open forum) I'll do my best to comment +/- suggest methods of redress.




Thank you very much for your concern but I am seeing a Psychotherapist in a couple of weeks and hopefully things will pick up from there.

Logan :tongue8:



Thank you for your reply, I went down the path of paying lots of money to a lawyer who after getting my massive set of medical docs said we have a good case and it was going to cost me 10 grand to see 2 specialist doctors who may or may not beable to help me. It was a long drawn out process which didn't really go anywhere.

I am sure you can understand my bitterness after seeing so many servicemen laugh at the Navy for getting a nice pay out when there was nothing wrong with them and so many genuine cases like myself got the crappy end of the stick.

I am sure there are many good MOs in the Forces like yourself but more does need to be done into helping genuine people. I actually had to to a civi gastro specialist and civi chiropractor to get told I had serious issues and this should not have happened as I am sure you would agree.

Thanks again.
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