Medical discharge after 18 years?

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by chock1, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. I might be getting medically discharged after serving 18 years, obviously concerned as only 4 years left until i have completed my 22. Does anyone know if I would be entitled to any of my pension if I was to be M/D in the near futre?
  2. Before you go to NMBOS you'll do a resettlement brief where all will be explained, how to complete forms, how the board works and your entitlements if you are discharged. In brief it depends on your pension scheme, how long you've done and why you're being discharged. You will get something after 18years though.

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  3. I can only give you my circumstances, everyone is different.
    I served from 1980-2000 and was medically discharged at about 20 years service.
    I reached the dizzy heights of ACPOMEA.
    My medical discharge was deemed to be as a result of service conditions.

    I received a lump sum of 30K plus a tax free pension based on a CPO pension., also received a war pension. Again tax free.
    Monthly pension is now about $2000 p/m plus war pension of $300. (Retired to US, hence $)

    I think I hit everything about right, very lucky made out like a bandit.

    On the other hand, oppo of mine was deemed medically unfit at 20 years and 6 months. ( lost a leg) MOD decided to keep him shoreside and let him finish his time. All well and good, but not being medically discharged caused his pension to be taxable. Poor sod lost a good chunk of it to the tax man because of this.

    So, at 18 years you should do ok. But, times change and situations may be different nowadays. Best to get professional advice
  4. I've just done my NMBOS resettlement brief and got NMBOS this week. Those figures sound about right. It'll very much come down to your individual circumstances. Are you still on AFPS75 or did you move to AFPS05? When did the original injury happen? If it was after sometime in 2006 (I think) then the War Pension Scheme ended and its under AFCS for compensation. The amount of money you get will vary depending on years done, rank, pension scheme, when the injury occurred, level of disability and whether its attributable to service. You'll find out when you go to the brief and get a good idea of what you'll get. In my case, as long as I got the 1% disability I am going to be quids in if they discharge me. Of course I'm a CPOET(ME) so given the present circumstance I could go into the board sans a leg and they'd probably still keep me in.

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  5. I assume that, because 22 yrs is significant, you are an AFPS 75 member. If this is the case, you will be entitled to a pension and lump sum, index linked (to CPI) immediately. The amount depends upon your rank for pension and your length of service. If you are an FPS member my colleagues at FPS HQ can work out what that means for you. The advice to do the resettlement briefing is very good - it covers your pension and a lot more.
  6. medical discharge

    Had already replied to this - apologies. Advice about the Resettlement Briefing was good - I hope you have booked.
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