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Hi all, new here.
looking for some clarification and advice on the medical side of things if anyone can be off assistance. I have carefully looked over both the online medical eligibility form and also the capita medical questionnaire

Hoping to join RNR but also expecting the strong possibility that I may not be deemed medically fit due to a history of depression. I will be requesting my medical history before so that I can see what exactly is on there and what I need to declare.

Nothing Since 2017 so I am over the 2 year barrier listed on the medical questionnaire however it was pretty severe at the time. I did self harm but I believe only one incident is on my medical record and the medical questionnaire requirements state more than one incident is a bar to entry I was prescribed anti depressants for 2 weeks although I didn’t actually take them.

I have also noticed on the capita medical questionnaire - not on the navy website, that you need to declare water infections I have had these before but non since 2017ish does anyone know if these are a barrier to entry? It doesn’t specify

I doubt if anyone here can give you definitive answers on your previous health problems. The best advice and probably the only way to get the answer is to proceed with your application and await the reply.
Good luck.
Flippant response:
If mental health was a bar to entry into the RNR, they'd be about half a dozen of us left - and I would not be one of them, I suspect!

Less flippant response:
Have a Google for JSP950 - which is the medical bible, and the latest version is normally available on the internet. It's pretty heavy reading, especially for those of us not medically qualified, but you may identify a paragraph to help.

Trying to be helpful response:
As you talk of "water infections" my guess is that you are female - as these are generally more common the the fairer gender. If I am correct then this preludes 99% of RR members having the slightest inkling of the issue. However, by the power of the internet I shall attempt to summon @photface to this hallowed place, She is, well, a she. Additionally she knows one end of a hospital from the other.

If you need anything else, feel free to PM.
I hasten to add I'm not a medic!

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