Medical- depression

Hey, I am wondering if someone can help me :)

2 years ago I went to my doctor to explain I was having low moods and asked her to write me a note for my university to give me an extension on a piece of work. My doctor wrote 'Low moods' on the note.

She offered me medication for depression, but I declined it. She also gave me websites to seek counselling, which I did not pursue.

I really regret going to the doctors now because I'm over the problem I was having!

Has anyone been in a similar situation. I would like to know whether you were still allowed in the navy?

Thank you in advance :)


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Apply for RN, then at medical triage be honest. They will find out anyway when they request your med docs. You wont find anyone on here able/willing to answer your question. Speak directly to your AFCO.


Ahah, really? Web sites for bad mood? Have you been to a psychologist? I did not think that anyone would recommend websites for a bad mood ... This is very strange. I used to take antidepressants, but these are very harmful pills that are addictive and so I decided to find something organic. A lot of people advised me to kratom and I thought it was a good idea. I ordered Kratom at GNC and took Kratom tea for two weeks. This helped me to relax and now I feel much better. So I advise everyone to try Kratom.
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