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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by jacko90, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Couldn't find any info on the internet, just wondered if there was any medical or dental care given to reservists? Whether it was free like regulars or subsidised

  2. Free for full time. Only covered for the reserves if you are activated in a full time role. Whilst just attending the RNR/RMR it's up to you to sort it out like any other civilian.


  3. Cheers SM!
  4. You even have to see a civvie doc when you have your PUHLEEMS done.. unlike the other services' Reserves!!
  5. There was a hint at dental cover for reservists a few months back. Not heard anything about it since. Think it was being considered cos of some peeps getting knocked back from deployment cos of poor state of teeth (work needing done) during mob week. Altho they do tell us to arrive ready to go!

    Off topic but anyone got a link or any info on the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme?
  6. RNR personell are given a pulleem via the AFCO Civvie Doc as there are not many RN Docs located at every unit. Unlike the other Services, where, for example the TA is bigger than the RN, we simply are not resourced to allow a Navy Doc to pulheem every RNR pax. Seems a very pragmatic and logical way to get our pax indate.
    Hope that helps
  7. Re the RFPS, there might be something useful here:
  8. With respect, that isn't my understanding at all, and a recent trip to use the JPA terminal at my local TA Field Hospital (as it's nearer than my unit) tells me that the TA have been stopped from doing PULHHEEMS as well.

    I was led to believe this was done on clinical governance grounds (regular medical officers get some training in occupational medicine as part of their initial training; occupational medical knowledge is not something that can be relied on among reserve MO's).


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