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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by aled_bryn, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. can some kind soul post some examples of what would class as a fail on the medical and dental checks at raleigh. ive been searching on here and there are no precise details
  2. Google PULHHEEMS
  3. Aled

    Is it worry about some particular illness or dental problem which is prompting you to ask this question?
  4. not really ive passed my medical and everything but ive pick up a bit of a niggle in my back playing football and my teeth arent the best generally just wondering is there were examples for what people have been discharged for in the past so i can compare myself
  5. Aled Mrs Digger is a dental professional and she used to conduct the New Entry teeth check up. What seems to be the problem if you want to PM me please do.
  6. If I were you, to be honest, I would deal with these things now, rather than take them with me to HMS Raleigh.

    Why don't you make two phone calls tomorrow? One to the GP's surgery, to book an appointment for him/her to check your back and one to your dentist to ask for a check-up and a quote for any work which needs to be done.

    Re the niggle, don't take the risk of that "niggle" turning into actual pain, just before you are expected at HMS Raleigh. It's not worth the risk.

    Don't even talk about the chances of being discharged.

    GP and Dentist this week, please.
  7. ok cheers
  8. Aled

    I realise that that sounded a bit bossy; it wasn't meant to. I just hate the thought of guys being sent home from Basic because they turned up with problems they knew about but didn't get help with before going down. Places are so precious nowadays.

    It has just struck me that you are due at HMS Raleigh next Sunday. Please make the phone calls you need to make first thing in the morning and see the GP and Dentist ASAP.

    Would advise also letting your CA know about this, as well, just in case.
  9. will do cheers
  10. If you have a sore back then for God's sake take anti-inflammatories. Unless you've had some pretty significant trauma it's muscular pain and I am sick of seeing people with "crippling pain" who haven't taken painkillers "because I don't like taking tablets". It is a nonsense.

    Also, it sounds like you are trying to see what constitutes a fail to ensure what you say to a doctor won't cause problems. This is a dangerous course as, if you do have something wrong with you, noone will know unless it deteriorates to a point where you have suffered as a consequence.

    If you're concerned, go and see your GP. But if it's back pain and you haven't taken painkillers, then do that first.

    RN Medical Officer and Emergency Physician

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