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Hello, first time posting but long time reader. Was planning on posting when my application had got a bit further, but I'm stuck in the medical stage and need some advice.

I failed my first medical for showing high blood pressure. The doctor said it was most likely from the stress of the medical/white coat - she took 3 readings at different times and it was steadily rising throughout the time I was there! I've never had problems with this before.

She said I would need 24 hour blood pressure monitoring results to send to capita, this would have to be done by my GP. I duly went to my GP who measured my blood pressure as normal, the result satisfied him to say that 24 hour abpm was unnecessary. He wrote to capita advising that I was medically fit.

Capita insisted on 24 hour abpm results so (after moving address and registering with a different doctor who again checked my blood pressure and found it normal) I was referred to a hospital for the 24hr monitoring.

I now have the results which I was confident would show me as healthy. Not quite the case.

Average blood pressure recorded is 117/62 - healthy. There are however two spikes in blood pressure recorded as between 140-150 (SYS). Looking at the logged times for these they align with the times I walked to/from work. These spikes have led to the test indicators saying "hypertensive" and having "labile systolic blood pressure." I know this is not good news but my GP explained that a spike is normal when being active, and the results overall showed me as healthy. He wouldn't diagnose anything wrong with me.

Now to Capita. I'm posting my results back, but how will Capita respond to them? Though my GP says the results show me as healthy the tests state "hypertensive" in the results which I'm almost certain will result in being certified medically unfit. Does anyone else have experience with 24 hour abpm readings and how capita respond to them?

Apologies for the essay.


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The frustration is appreciated but people do actually have high blood pressure for reasons other than "white coat syndome", despite the fact that every single person with an above average reading will claim this is the case. There are certain parameters which the medical examiner can accept - fingers crossed, this is the case in this instance.

What doesn't help is those who pass the medical with higher than average blood pressure often go through the same rigmorale during the pre-pjft checks too. Often this is because people glug energy drinks before the PJFT, or simply a cup of coffee.


Thanks for the reply, the main thing I'd like to know is if anyone else has had 24 hour abpm tests sent to Capita and what they look for. Though my GP says there's nothing wrong with me I know the results aren't perfect. I'm planning for the worst which is being declared temporarily medically unfit and told to do more tests. That'll put me in a situation where my GP says I'm fit and Capita says I'm unfit, and it's very hard to get any information on how to sort the mess out - I have to talk to Capita through my recruiting office who don't have access to anything medical.

If Capita decides my results don't show me as healthy what can I do? I've been in this stage for 8 months, if I have to go through another round of tests it'll have to be private and will most likely show the same results.


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Eight months is an extremely long time to be waiting to find out whether or not you'll be passed fit to enter.

The delay appears to be your own GP(s) arguing the toss, which is odd given that few are versed with the military standards. Had the 24 monitoring being conducted as requested, the result either way would've been delivered far sooner.

I'm no apologist for the contracted company, but if family GPs would simply do as their patients, who pay their wage, requested, life would be so much easier for all concerned.

Fingers crossed all goes as you'd wish. In my experience the bulk of those who undergo 24 hour monitoring are usually accepted...but not all.

Good luck.


Thanks for the encouragement. It has been frustrating yes, but as you say most of the delays have been from my accepting my GP's decision that 24hour abpm wasn't necessary, plus a move of address and GP. I'll write up what I've found when I get a decision from Capita - the delays have been exacerbated by it not being clear what needed to be done at a few stages - so if I can help someone going through the same process then that'll be a plus at least.

If anyone is interested there's a low-res snippet of my abpm results graph (no personal details just a line graph) showing the two spikes. If anyone can share similar experiences and what the outcome was I'd greatly appreciate it.


I've been TMU for five months now as well had blood pressure tests , jelly scans , blood tests etc
My Average 24 hour result was over 130 but Capita have results for that and not been given a no just they need more results of my GP so keeping my fingers crossed not getting any younger though nearly 33 ha
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