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Yesterday I was declared medically unfit for 3 months because of a small fracture to my foot I did approx 10 yrs ago now. I've been told I need to now write a diary every day for the next 3 months stating any exercise I do that involves my foot (daft I know as Like every one I walk everyday) I'm annoyed by this decision as I've never ever had any problems in the past 10 years since this and had no further treatment.
I go to the gym 5 times a week and have done for the past 3 years. I run at least 3 times a week on road and in gym and Had no trouble what so ever. Does anyone have any advice if I should appeal this decision or just sit out the next three months? My worry is also in 3 months time will the role I've applied for even be open still?!
Sorry it's a bit long. Just some advice needed please.
I'm not a member of the AFCO but with regards to " My worry is also in 3 months time will the role I've applied for even be open still" I dont think the RN tends to 'close' many branches, unlike what the RAF do. What my understanding of it is, they keep the branch open with the aim there will always be a slow intake, you'll simple gradually move onto the next hurdle - Hence why some people have a 2yr wait. Unlike the RAF, when a certain trade is in 'season', the flood gates open and it's a mad dash with very high competition to gain your spot. Once again, this is just my understanding of it. So based on this, wait out the 3 months and get the tick in the box and use that time to get fit, gain experience, prep, or whatever floats your boat.

Someone more qualified will come and answer this.


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The frustration is appreciated however the type of injury could potentially affect your ability to undertake your job. In presenting a fitness diary you are providing the evidence required to justify the decision to pass you fit for service.

You can only appeal a diagnosis, not an inconclusive inconvenience which may well be in your favour. In any event, if you appeal after being found permanently unfit for entry - you will need evidence, such as a fitness diary and qualified medical supporting evidence to support your appeal.

As correctly stated, the RN &RM don't usually close branches to recruiting. Those passed fit in your branch before you will be allocated entry dates ahead of you, after passing their PJFT and all other selection elements. Once you are passed fit, you can make good the time by immediately taking the PJFT & completing selection so that you are top of the list to be allocated an entry date. Some applicants can take up to six months just to pass the PJFT.
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