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Hi all, and happy Xmas, and a happy new year.

I had my colour blindness tested yesterday by many different tests, but the optician was unable to state which level i am. however he said if i took these reuslts to the medical branch incharge of the selection they could help me?
so i was wondering, does anybody have the contact details for the selection medical board?
many thanks


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I think you will need to phone your AFCO or possibly AIB contact and ask them for the number for CAAMB. I think so anyway, wait for Ninja's words of wisdom though.


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Hello Again Nutters

I thought you already knew you were CP4?

nutters said:
But i have a Colour perception level 4, so i have been offered, MA, WE, WE (sub), Steward, NN, Writer, SA and Chef.

Assuming you had a standard eye-test before you undertake the full medical examination, here's how it's graded:

Colour Perception (CP)

1. There are four standards of colour perception graded as follows:
Standard Test Specification

CP 1
The correct recognition of coloured lights shown through the paired apertures on the Holmes-Wright lantern at LOW BRIGHTNESS at 6 metres (20 feet) distance in complete darkness

CP 2
The correct recognition of 13 out of the first 15 plates of the Ishihara Test (24-Plate abridged Edition 1969) shown in random sequence at a distance of 75 cm under standard fluorescent lighting supplied by an artificial daylight fluorescent lamp (British Standard 950: 1967)

CP 3
The correct recognition of coloured lights shown through the paired apertures on the Holmes-Wright lantern at HIGH BRIGHTNESS at 6 metres (20 feet) distance in complete darkness

CP 4
The correct recognition of colours used in relevant trade situations, and assessed by simple tests with coloured wires, resistors,
stationery tabs etc.

Personnel who fail to reach the minimum standard of colour perception are to be graded CP5 - failed trade test and colour

Methods of testing colour perception –
Ishihara test

1. Ishihara plates are used as a screening for all entries.

2. Candidates who pass the Ishihara test are graded CP2 and require no further testing except for those whose critical visual task requires a categorisation of CP1.

3.Candidates who fail the Ishihara test are further tested for CP3 or CP4 according to requirement.

Methods of testing colour perception –
Holmes-Wright Lantern

1. The Holmes-Wright Lantern is constructed to simulate, in controlled conditions, the critical visual task of seamen.

2.The test must be carried out at a distance of 6 metres (20 feet) in a completely darkened room. the candidate may wear spectacles if he wishes and may be ‘dark adapted’ if necessary.
The colour pairs may be changed by rotating the colour setting flange at the rear of the lantern, the colour pairs presented being indicated by the code number visible in windows on each side and at the rear of the lantern.

1. Colour perception does not normally change significantly throughout life.

Ishihara test

A test for colour vision deficiency that utilises a series of pseudoisochromatic plates on which numbers or letters are printed in dots of primary colours surrounded by dots of other colours; the figures are discernable by individuals with normal colour vision.

Your Colour Perception will be graded by the Medical Officer at your AFCO when it re-opens. Some AFCOs open on 03 Jan, some 07 Jan & the best bet is to speak to them rather than try to second guess.

Hope that helps.
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