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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Indefatigable, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I used to be in the RNR as a student but I decided to leave when work and my personal life became a bit more serious after graduation. It's something I've always regretted, although to carry on would have been unrealistic. I'd always planned to rejoin at a later date once I'd established a solid career, unfortunately there aren't many of those about due to the recession. After being made redundant for the third time in as many years I've decided to change tack entirely and go for something which offers lifestyle over affluence and also the possibility of joining the RNR again.

    I've become quite excited at the prospect of serving, the Royal Navy is the most illustrious force in the modern Western world after all (cheesy I know but I dare anyone to defy the evidence). There has been a major change in my life over the last few days though which leaves me very concerned about my eligibility on health grounds.

    I may as well be blunt about it even if the condition is somewhat embarrassing, yesterday I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, this basically means I have bowel disease (don't worry you can't catch it). I've had a look through all the official medical notes and I'm pleased to announce that the professionals know fcuk all about it, they don't know how it starts and there isn't a cure, just ongoing treatment. The disease basically makes your immune system attack your bowel causing stomach pains and bloody diarrhoea, nice eh? It's best to be near a loo when it's bad, that's the main advice provided. It is ongoing but can be quiet for a few years then flare up again so during those times medication is normally needed.

    Now bear in mind I've only found out this delightful addition to my life today so there could be people on here with a greater understanding than me. What I'm really concerned about though is whether this would fail my medical? Is there a scablifter in the house who might know? It might be a bit awkward having an irresistible urge to fill your trollies on parade (although I have it on good authority the deed was once done in some coiled rope on a Queen's review in Pompey but we won't go into that).

    I can say with confidence that I will enter a spiral of depression if I can't get back in, other than this I'm stupidly healthy and in my mid twenties ffs! The only other viable option would be the cadets- uuurgh.

    Yours Aye

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  2. Indie

    I think you're being a bit unfair in that we cannot cure UC. We cannot cure most diseases - we can give supportive care and they either get better or they don't. One could argue that there is a cure for UC, in that you could have a total colectomy and be left with a bag. UC is confined to the large bowel, so if the large bowel comes out then there is no disease left. Unfortunately you are left with a bag which is obviously no small matter. The worse relation of UC is Crohn's Disease, which there is no cure at all for - it can affect the entire gut from mouth to the other end.

    Anyway, as the course of UC is unpredictable and flare-ups can occur at short notice and potentially make you very unwell very quickly, those who have it are precluded from Service in any of the 3 Armed Forces. I am sorry if this isn't the news you wanted, but I am sure you can understand the reasoning behind it.

    RN Medical Officer
  3. Thanks doc, I guess it's quite hard for me to accept as I feel so fine mentally and have a bit of the invulnerable youth mentality still in me. I am very fortunate it's not something more serious. I guess it's the cadets for me then, my only hope now is if the French invade and we get desperate.
  4. Sorry about your news. Please find attached the link for Sea cadets volunteers.

    Best of luck


    Sea Cadets - Volunteers
  5. Would irritable bowel disease also be a bar to entry?
  6. Nah, but your personal aroma will see you shown the door, shitty keks.
  7. Try the army
  8. If your IBS is severe enough to require medication (usually mebeverine (Colofac)) or take time off work/school every now and then, it is a bar to entry. If it is milder then you may get away with it but it is also a variable condition which can suddenly get worse for no apparent reason. I'm not a fan.

  9. Indie
    AngryDoc knows what he's talking about, but at the end of the day, he is not in a consulting room with you, and your condition may not be as bad as you describe, so the best advice is to go down to the Careers Office and start the ball rolling, when you get the medical, don't hide anthing, but prepare for the worst. If it's not the worse, you have gained! if it is the worse, you have not lost anything.
    Shoot and miss, don't miss the chance to shoot!
  10. Thanks, I was definitely going to try that route anyway as I still have a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm for the Navy. I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome at the moment but hopefully I'll know my condition on Monday. It is quite a curious disease and appeals to my sense of danger- I've recently discovered that I have a 25% chance of a posterior period when trying to let off a sneaky one in front of a hot nurse, living on the edge now has a whole new meaning.

    I'm still not entirely certain that it's UC either as they haven't been all the way round with the camera, the horrors of which can only be compared to hard buggery at the hands of a large black man with a very long and very skinny willy. I felt like that bloke from Alien with the thing in his stomach...

  11. IBD is what I have, you're probably referring to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is somewhat less serious but no less undignified. I shouldn't think it would be too much of a problem unless it can provide a means of propulsion.
  12. Sadly, AD is almost completely correct in what he says about Crohn's and Colitis. It is certainly a bar to entry regardless of the severity of the condition at initial diagnosis. I fear you are being hopelessly optimistic regarding a condition of which you have little or no knowledge.
  13. Sorry. Yes I meant IBS. Pain been vicious lately. Was on Colofac, then Buscopan and now Merbentyl. So i guess thats that for me as far as joining is concerned. It is a problem as it makes me sick as well. But hey, thats life and the RNR just a pipedream :(
  14. JC, I do not believe that Crohns is an automatic bar to entry of the RNR as I know of a guy who has it and the medics are aware. He was told that it would stop him from becoming a WAFU, but providing it did not get any worse, he could (and has) stayed in. I think it is a question of severity!
  15. I'm going to make this really clear.

    In accordance with JSP 346, Chpt 3, inflammatory bowel disease (ie ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease) is a bar to entry, regardless of severity or treatment required. This is a tri-service stipulation. There are no exceptions and suggesting otherwise will only lead to false hope.

    As has been stated on RR ad infinitum, different rules apply to those serving who develop conditions to those wishing to join.

    RN Medical Officer
  16. AD
    many thanks, my oppo must have developed it since joining!
  17. I know of two people who have been diagnosed with Crohn's whilst serving, neither of whom could be described as having a severe case, and both of whom received a medical discharge at the earliest opportunity. I can only imagine that your oppo fulfils a specialist role (such as PR).
  18. You still have a better chance than me so get down the recruiting office, Raleigh is a two week pushover and you'll walk it even if you are on meds. It's a bit different for the regulars as they are there for a month or so and have more chance of fatigue.

    I'm stubborn enough to still go through with my enquiry once I've made a full recovery, after asking around there's loads of people with UC who have very successful lives and go mountain climbing etc, I guess it all depends on the severity. Now I've a bit more general life and management experience I feel I could contribute far more to the Navy than when I was an unwashed student, perhaps my previous sevice may even put me in good stead. Either way it's a hopeless last ditch attempt, but to give up entirely wouldn't be following the traditions of the Royal Navy now would it? :)

    Edited to add*

    Just read the last few posts, i'll still check it out though as it's best to get an official no, thank you for your help everyone.

    Yours Aye

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2011
  19. But surely if someone smiled very nicely at the MO and promised never ever ever to intentionally allow anything to get in the way of performing ones duties to the best of their ability whether under fire or otherwise there would be a way round the rules - for goodness sake, it's not as if this is a disciplined service or anything.
  20. Anyone who joins the course with that attitude is in for a rude awakening.

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