Medical Clearance

I've just received a letter having completed FATs which states that my application cannot continue until the AIB have received medical clearance from my GP. Is this pretty standard or is there some kind of problem? I've called my GP but she is on leave for 2 weeks, so I will be none the wiser until then.


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Medical Referrals

In order to be passed fit on the day, you must have completed your eyetest also.

If there is a medical condition requiring further investigation before you can be categorically classed unfit or passed fit, the Medical Examiner (ME) will write, with your permission, to your GP requesting further detail. They typically take up to 4 weeks to respond.

(With asthma they often send a questionnaire for you GP to complete & return).

You can speed things along by ringing your GP's Practice Manager and asking them to look out for the letter & reply as soon as possible.

If the ME can make a definitive decision from the information provided by your GP, then you will be passed fit/or otherwise.

If further detail is required & is available locally, the ME will again request it from a hospital or wherever the information is held (up to another 4 weeks).

Alternatively if the information is such that the outcome is inconclusive, then the information is forwarded to the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entry), soon to be relocated at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) in Alverstoke, near Portsmouth in the newly named Aviation Medical Division. If the SMO can may a definitive decision, referring to the respective specialists in the relevant medical area, then that is passed back to the MO. Typically the turn-around time is within 4 weeks.

If the SMO cannot make a definitive decision, then an appointment is made with a specialist in the relevant medical area of expertise. This can be at the INM Alverstoke, Guys London or Birmingham. The RN/RM pays for your rail ticket (and accommodation, if necessary) for you to attend this appointment. Specialist medical appointments usually take over 4 weeks to arrange.

Hope that helps those in similar situations.