Medical chances?

I had my second medical recently after having to wait for my GP to fill out the necessary forms as I had asthma as a child (more than 4 years ago). At the medical the MO said that everything was fine except that I had had a course of steroids (presumably for asthma) when I was 5 years and 10 months. He then said that having steroids after age 5 is a bar to the navy but that he would speak to the senior MO's to find out if they can make an exception as I was technically 5 years and had only one course. What are my chances of them making an exception and passing the medical?


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Whilst no-one wishes to dash hopes, the medical standards are usually non-negotiable unfortunately. If an exception is made, then the standard would need to be changed for all. If that happens, good news for all in the same position but they cannot apply standards inconsistently. Good luck.


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If you have your heart set on a career at sea, have a look at the merchant navy. If it's doing RN type stuff then look at the RFA- they have different medical standards.


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You may have a glimmer of a chance if what you say is reflected in your medical records. The RAF have a one strike and out in respect to oral steroids after 5. The RN however, is a bit more pragmatic and look at the whole history. Good luck.

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I can't speak for steroids after the age of five however, I had a few problems with areas of my lower back that persisted for about 6 months, in the medical criteria it states anything over about 6 weeks is an automatic bar to entry. Because my symptoms were not constant the doctor decided it was unfair to end my application so I was allowed to go and see a Physio as get them to do a bio mechanical review of my lower back (albeit paid for out of my own pocket) to determine whether there were any long lasting issues or whether it was a one off and I had to complete a four week extensive exercise diary. These few issues lengthened my medical process by about 6 months however I'm happy to say I have just passed my SIFT and am waiting for a date to take FAT's at RAF Cranwell.

The point of all this is just to say you will never know until you try, don't give up and there are cases in which you find the Navy slightly more lenient than RAF. Don't get your hopes up to much but definitely don't give up hope.

All the best, Booner.

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