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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by DoubleDuff, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a question hopefully someone can answer.

    Who can change your med cat, can it be sickbay or INM, or does only the MBOS change your category?

    Also, what med cat will cause you to be discharged outside?

    (I'm a little worried I might be booted :sad4:)

  2. Believe any Medical Officer can downgrade initially, to make one temporarily unfit for full duties.
    The MBOS assigns a permanent MEDCAT, like P3 service with certain restrictions or in the extreme P8 Permanently Unfit Naval Service.
    Things have probably changed and Angrydoc is the authority on this site. Best of luck though
  3. I think SJRM is right, but of note the P3, P7RD etc medcats don't exist now, there is a Joint system that gives fitness for various activities. Such as going to sea in a ship, flying in an aeroplane, etc. Will need a Doc or Medic to give an example though.
  4. I think I remember speaking to someone not long ago that was discharged medically. He said in the current economic climate, they skip the NMEB stage and decide your outcome at the MBOS stage now!
  5. You are correct - or perhaps should say it used to be that any MO could temporarily downgrade to a reduced Med Cat e.g. P3 P7R etc and that once downgraded if you were no upgraded to P2 within 18 months then you would be put in front of the MBOS for permanent Med Cat ... however I left over 15yrs ago so not sure what the current system is although I suspect it will be a variation of the same theme.
  6. You can be downgraded by any MO or CMP for up to 12 months. At this stage if the condition has not resolved (or earlier at the say of a PMO or Consultant) you should be referred to NSMBOS for allocation of a more permanent medical category.

    After NSMBOS your case is referred to NSMEB, the employability board, who decide whether or not you can be employed in your new med cat. So you have 2 hurdles to jump.

    PM me if you want to chat offline.
  7. Okay, thanks for the info.

    Could say a doctor at a sickbay, or INM temporarily downgrade someone to unfit for service though (like P7 or P8)? I mean, can they only downgrade you to restricted duties max (say P3R)? I think only the MBOS/NMEB can deem you P7/P8?
  8. DD,

    Angrydoc is a serving RN Doctor.

    Why not just take his offer of advice and PM him?

    You'll get no better free information here.

  9. We're talking old money here - the P system doesn't really exist any more. P7 was a temporary category which Sickbay MOs downgrade you to. After 12 months of this you get referred to NSMBOS for a review and allocation of a suitable medical category. P8 (permanently unfit Naval service) is allocatable by NSMBOS only and means instant discharge.
  10. I did not on JPA the other day under the Medical Status option, it had a grid with fit for air, land and something else. It had cats like A3 and M3 (or something similar, I don't have JPA to hand at the moment!), so I guess they are going more 'tri-service' and ditching the pulheems system.
  11. It's a bit crazy. Instead of P2, the new category is MFD A4M1L1E1 (for non-aircrew personnel). All much more straight-forward...
  12. I remember when I was a coxswain trying to write a NOTICAS with all that MFD 12345 business! What a pain.

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