Medical Cadetship Upper Age Limit?


I am a "mature" medical student and have just started a four year graduate entry medicine course. I am very interested in military medicine and was hoping for some help with the following:

1. What is the upper age limit for a medical cadetship?

2. Does the Royal Navy only accept medical students and consultants, or are there other points during the training pathway that you can join? If so, what is the age limit and how competitive is this?

3. For a cadet, which specialties are permitted at the moment?

4. With a wife and kids I would hardly be your typical GDMO. Would this be a hindrance professionally / socially?



War Hero
1. 45

2. At the point of applying, if still a med student, you still need to be under 45 and sponsorship is only offered from year 3 of a conventional 5 year medical degree.

3. You don't specialise as a medical undergraduate initially, so far as I'm aware. Most common specialisations are general surgeon and anaesthetist but your best bet is to call the medical specialist recruiters in Portsmouth for definitive career path guidance and a potential medical officer's acquaint visit: 02392 727096

4. I suspect many RN medical officers are married with kids unless very ugly, obviously ;) As long as you are prepared to accept the separation aspect that the job may entail you should be fine, but again, an acquaint visit would strongly be recommended so you can talk with those similarly placed doing the job.

Best of luck.