Medical Cadetship + RMR?


angrydoc said:
You stand a reasonable chance of being able to do CTCRM once you have qualified, done F1 and F2 and gone to BRNC. Depends on numbers, but I'm not aware of many being turned away.

Are you doing this to make you a better candidate for a cadetship?

As you say, just because you have a green lid doesn't mean you get to use it. The appointer (the one who chooses your jobs) will put an MO where he needs an MO, regardless of the colour of the beret. Doing RMR time will not influence his decisions.

I was under the impression that without a green lid a MO couldn't work with the RM.

I want to do this for the above reason, and also because I have a huge respect for the RM and would love the challenge. Last year I was even considering not going to medical school and trying my hand as a RM YO. My current path, however, seems to combine the best of both worlds.


Plenty of non-green-lid MOs work the the RM. Green lid preferred, but not essential.