Medical Cadetship + RMR?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by UKUSUK, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. I am a 23 year old grad. about to embark upon a 5 year undergraduate medicine course in September, and am planning on applying for a medical cadetship for the last 3 years, and a bursary for the first 2 years.

    For the first 2 years I'd like to get involved somehow. I would love to do RMR for the experience and to go for the green beret before I qualify so I can have the opportunity to work with RM when I'm a medic. I could do this for the first 2 years of my course, but, depending on timing, probably wouldn't have completed the commando course by the time my cadetship would begin (start of 3rd year). Would the RN be ok with me continuing to do RMR for years 3-5 while being a medical cadet?

  2. Whilst not wishing to totally dampen your enthusiasm, I would reccommend that you concentrate on your studies rather than take on RMR training at the same time.
    From start, you rocking up to an AFCO or an RMR centre, to finish, getting your Green Lid will take 18 months of your time.
    This will take extreme self dedication not only to do the physical training but also learn and revise your general training manual.
    Will you be able to give your best to both your med studies and the RMR? Or will one end up getting less attention due to exams, RMR Training Tests looming or even wanting to have a personal life occaisionally etc etc.
    It's your call, but you need to consider the fact of doing too much and burning yourself out.
    Good luck.
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  4. It is do-able (a mate of mine did it, but he's a bit mental - Marathon des Sables sort) and it's very hard work. Are you going to one of these new-dangled med schools for graduates which teaches nothing but communication skills? If so then you may have more time off than we would have had as you seem just not to bother doing anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology etc in any detail.

    Pedant comment- you won't be a medic, rather a Medical Officer.
  5. Ninja,

    Where did your post go?

  6. I know 2 lads who joined the RMR and where granted medical cadetships though I'm unsure about the timings in terms of passing RMR selection and being accepted for a cadetship. Both swapped cap badges but as RN cracked on with RMR unit life.

    Have to say they periodically disappeared to hit the books for a month at a time, but both made the most of exposing themselves to the colour green. One even managed to blag a para course!

    My view, if you have a high current fitness (both the aforementioned did), rules allowing, go for it!
  7. Thank you for all of your helpful replies. Could anyone talk about the timing of all of this? If/when accepted for a medical cadetship would I have to immediately stop my RMR training, even if I was only a month or two from finishing Phase 2 training?
  8. The reserve forces, RMR certainly included, are very much a deployable asset to be used on operations alongside regular forces. Do you intend to follow this path or are you looking for something challenging to do whilst at uni until/if you get an RN medical cadetship?

    I only ask as your previous post, perhaps unintentionally, hinted at the desire to get the green lid but not to remain in the RNR to validate the cost of training you by deploying at all.
  9. My ideal situation would be getting the green lid and then becoming a MO in Navy working mostly with RM, although I know this isn't guaranteed. Gaining experience with the RMR (and green lid) would be the best way to ensure this.
  10. UKUSUK

    I was just researching something quite different and came across the profile of someone who is currently at Medical School and also in the RMR.

    His background is very different to your's, but he seems to be doing pretty much the same as you want to.
  11. You stand a reasonable chance of being able to do CTCRM once you have qualified, done F1 and F2 and gone to BRNC. Depends on numbers, but I'm not aware of many being turned away.

    Are you doing this to make you a better candidate for a cadetship?

    As you say, just because you have a green lid doesn't mean you get to use it. The appointer (the one who chooses your jobs) will put an MO where he needs an MO, regardless of the colour of the beret. Doing RMR time will not influence his decisions.
  12. Interesting story. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. I was under the impression that without a green lid a MO couldn't work with the RM.

    I want to do this for the above reason, and also because I have a huge respect for the RM and would love the challenge. Last year I was even considering not going to medical school and trying my hand as a RM YO. My current path, however, seems to combine the best of both worlds.
  14. Plenty of non-green-lid MOs work the the RM. Green lid preferred, but not essential.

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