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Not to sure if Im posting this in the right area but here goes.

I picked up a Naval branch badge in a market in camden today and I need a bit of help
Identifying it. Its an MA's badge ie red cross in gold circle but it has the letter H underneath it.
All my google searches have let me no-where so I wondered if anyone here knew what sub-branch it is.

Not absolutely certain, think it must be for the Health Inspectors. Small group whose headquarters used to be at 99 embankment road. At least that's where they were RA. The parties were renowned in RNH Plymouth used to last for the entire weekend. 70/80's
No Dental Branch always used WRNS. blue badged. There were male dental assistants who were trained for specific drafts, but they were first and foremost SBA,s / MA and as such wore the geneva red cross.
Medical Branch badges up to 1977.

D. Dental Attendant
H. Hygiene Inspector
L. Lab Assistant
M. Masseur/Physioterrorist
M. Mental Nurse
O. Operating Room Assistant
X. X-Ray/Radiographer


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Thanks Guys and thank you Topstop.
I had to buy it as I had never seen it before and Ive never heard of Hygiene Inspectors. Going to go and read up about the Hygiene Inspectors now!

Thanks again guys

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