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Need some advice ,what do people reckon on my chances ,just got over cancer doing well but am shore sided for 2 years due to needing blood and chest xrays every month for the next 2,3 years ,am currently a spec but am branch changing in may 2015 to chef [manning clearance granted ] but have nmbos in November and am a bit worried as would like to stay in. :smile:


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Nice username Paul. Where was the cancer, mate?;)

First things first, good to hear you're on the mend and best of luck to you.

Afraid I haven't got an answer for you but hopefully angrydoc or nemesis1066 may be in a position to give you a pointer. I wish you well.
May not be the absence of said appendage that is the issue - more likely the availability of shore jobs for Chef branch.... thought they had all gone civvie now?
If it's any consolation, there was a lad in another class when I was on mechs course who was single knacker for the same reason. He was originally taken off course because of it but after it was all done and dusted he finished the course and went back to sea.
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