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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by flynavy, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Anyone on here been to a recent medical board? and did you get the result you were hoping for? ie if you wanted to stay in did they keep you in?

    Just curious as I am on a med board next week and really want to stay in, have done 23 years and in the last 4 of 2OE5 so i expect that goes against me.
  2. You have to tell us in graphic detail of all your ills. We might be able give you some advice. (patting lightly on a seat) Sit down and tell whats wrong I a doctor don't you know. :wink:
  3. Okay got Haematomachrosis (too much - far too much iron in my blood supply) i have to goto a venesection unit every week to have a unit of blood drained out of me to water my system down. Also got a bad case of memory loss, caused by an accident at work in 2001. And the obligatory slight hearing loss from working with fast ish jets!
  4. You will be considered at 2 boards - the Naval Service Medical Board of Survey (NSMBOS) and the Naval Service Medical Employability Board (NSMEB). You only attend the first. It's a relatively formal affair, Nos 1s and all that. The Board will already have read your paperwork but, contrary to popular belief, will not have made up their mind before you turn up. The Board consists of 3 senior MOs (usually a Surg Capt with 2 Surg Cdrs) and a WO(MA) or Lt (MS) who acts as the Secretary.

    They will ask you questions about your condition and how it affects you, and explain what they feel is the prognosis. They will then make a recommendation, which you will be told about at the time. That recommendation will either be to be upgraded P2, retained in a permanently medically restricted category, or medically discharged.

    Your case will then be forwarded to NSMEB which is completely different and sits on a separate date. They look at whether the Service needs to continue employing you with the restrictions placed by NSMBOS (if any). They have the final say, not the MOs!

    The NSMBOS system is very fair, and very rigorous - there are no foregone conclusions and they will listen to your opinion.

    There is loads of info given out by the WO(MA) - if you haven't got it all then get in touch with him asap!

  5. Okay thanks for all that info i did actually know most of the above stuff as i recently went down to INM for the pension brief, just wanted to know what the current thinking is between keeping people in and kicking them out. I am getting better from the blood disease so hopefully will be fully fit soon, its just the other things.

    here is a question for you, a chief with 20 years done accepted for 2OE10 has a heart attack at home, and now faces the prospect of a med board, what would be his chances of staying in or getting kicked out?
  6. I've just today got my letter from the Employability Board having been at the Medical Board in July and thankfully they have decided to keep me in with a further NSMBOS Review in 2 Years time. My medcat isn't exactly what I was expecting based on what my PMO told me (was expecting P3 with restrictions but ended up with P7P with caveats)

    On the whole I'm happy to still have a job for at least the next two years, and a bonus is that I'm guaranteed 2 years shore time :)
  7. Flynavy

    Regarding the CPO- depends on his branch, but as long as he's not a cardiac cripple (ie breathless on minimal exertion) then I'd have thought his chances were good.

    Regarding you, it depends how stable things are. I'd imagine deployments would be tricky but if you're employable shoreside then, again, I'd have thought chances good. Beware though - the decision makers are the employers, not the MOs...
  8. URGENT does anyone have a contact number for the accom at blockhouse? i have accom booked for sunday night but my board has been slipped to thursday.
    Consequently do you also have the number for HMS Sultan?

    Many thanks
  9. Main Number for HMS Sultan:

    02392 722351
  10. The central accommodation booking number for HMS Sultan is via Fleet Support Customer Services on 9380 20120 / 02392 720120
  11. many thanks, found the number on the back of my Mbos paperwork
  12. Was just about to say think Blockhouse accomm nr

    02392 765807

    but you're sorted anyway.
  13. Thanks for taking time to help!!!

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