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this is probably for Angrydoc but if anybody has information then it would be appreciated

Went to see Occupational health about my hand on the 25th April just to see how the healing was going - broke it and has healed a little wonky (cracked it onboard).

I've already got a condition called atrial fibrillation, which i've been to medical board before and all is well in the P7P category but on that day i went to see occupational health it was a bad day, seems i get breakthough flutter etc when im really tired, ill or stressed and on that day i had a nasty DNV bug that was clearing and i felt awful.

anyway he asked about it and i said just a bad day so he suggested that i bring my annual heart appt closer and after speaking to the specialist i may have to go to medical board to see if my downgrade is sufficient - which i thought was reasonable.

1st May comes along and im called to see my doctor at Northwood, seems i've already been referred to Medical board and just waiting for the date, this was pretty much a shock as this wasn't discussed and my doctor states that because i've already been referred there is nothing they can do to stop it even though my doctor wasn't consulted how things were going and she is content that its been looked after properly by my medication.

so we are now at today where my board is on the 6th August - which is only 77 days away

can i ask for a delay in the boarding date and make it the next one because there just isnt enough time

so far i have no paperwork whatsoever
No emis printouts of my medical history
next available date of my medical resettlement is 17th July
all paperwork has to be handed in by 29th June - which i feel just isnt enough time and im on holiday which is booked and paid for

any information will be gratefully received
Not open for further replies.
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