Medical board chances of being discharged after just having an op


Basically the navy have taken 1 year to et me the surgery I need on my ankle (due to destroying ligaments whilst playing football for ship) and i finnaly have my op in January but I'm being referred to Medical board in February time. What's the chances of me staying becuase I have only been in 3 years and love the job


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Sorry to hear of your circumstances. A Medical Board of Survey doesn't necessarily result in discharge, it's pretty much routine after being medically downgraded for a year, unable to undertake your primary branch role. At the same time the service is not a charity and your future employability as an ET(ME) is the issue, following the outcome of your treatment. The decision with regard your future physical ability to do your job bears no relation to time served or job satisfaction unfortunately.

Fingers-crossed you make a full recovery and forge a successful career within the service. Best of luck.
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