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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Calan, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what the entry requirements are for this role.

    Also, does anyone know when they recruit?

  2. Yes and yes.

  3. Will you tell me?


    If they provide Paramedical skills does anyone know if you could then go into the NHS as a Paramedic afterwards?
  4. Sorry but the voices made me do it.
    Things will have changed since i was an MA,but this should be a guide.

    MA used to be one of thr highest educational scored jobs in th RN,so you need to be reasonably intelligent.The course is long and complicated at times.Obviously if you cant stand the sight of blood then its not for you.As for recruiting,its a small branch so waiting times can be long,depending on the requirments.Im not sure about any civvy quals you can getbut i did my RGN after leaving the RN,im sure theres some with a better idea of whats the gen in todays RN.
  5. I knew one who used their paramedical skills to get into the Magic Circle and become Hypnotist afterwards does this count? Linky :lol:
  6. PMSL thats dave rawson without me even having to look at the link.
  7. Thats the one. Did a good double act with a Lt. Brokenshaw, any idea what happened to him?

  8. Oki cokie.

    Well.. I can do the sight of blood and according to a few teachers I am very academic.
  9. Oh and you have to have the capacity to drink 15 pints a night and smoke 30 ciggys a night and still be able to spell and say "Sphymomanometer"
  10. Its a high score on the RT, but Im sure it said in the paper work you dont need any medical qualifications. I dont have a medical background and I am waiting on my date for entry as a Medical Assistant. Its a 12month wait atm.

    I was also told by a friend who is an ex-medical assistant that the job doesnt always lead to being a paramedic as the qualifications you gain dont equate to what you need to be a paramedic. He wanted to do this but was told he couldnt and now runs a 1st aid training school.
    dont take this as gospel, im sure Ninja or SM will be able to give you a better answer :)
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nurse Rolo, I have a sore inner thigh. Any chance of checking it out?
  12. Hi Topstop,

    If you mean Laurie Brokenshire (Submariner, Magician and committed Christian) what a cracking all round guy.

    Plenty on Google and he recently featured in the National Press:

    <<Laurie, 56, a retired Navy Commodore, is Britain's premier puzzlist ….
    He cuts a swathe in international puzzling circles, is one of the chattiest men I have ever met and is a godsend for manufacturers who are constantly pitting their latest designs against his enormous brain.
    He also has one of the biggest collections of puzzles in the world which now, thanks to a £30,000 extension, has its very own specially designed showroom at the five-bedroom house in Stubbington, Hants, that he shares with his wife Ethel, 54.>>

    Read more:

  13. Was on Turbs with Dave, always used to go ashore with a little bag of tricks, he certainly made patrols fly by
  14. He's now Commodore Brokenshaw

  15. Many thanks for that, a thourghly good bloke 8) . Nice to see he is enjoying life :)
  16. Re: Dave Rawson

    Hi everyone I found this site when googling my name how sad is that. To let you all know I live in Ibiza and have done since I left the Navy 11 years ago. I became a Professional Comedy Stage Hypnotist and have performed all over the world. Had more trips then when I was in submarines.

    You can view my website and read all about me.

  17. Did they have a slow year for applications when you joined Andy??

    As for Paramedic, check the RAF too as the MERT task is carried out by RAF paramedics who qualify via Avon and Wilts at the moment and BCU in the future.

    Or bite the bullet, do your RGN training and then join the RAF and see nicer bits of the world from decent hotels.

  18. Okay, had a 'phone call from the RN today and you CAN go from RN MA to Civil Paramedic. She, however, wasn't sure what qualification they give you is. Anyone know?
  19. Erm, you can go from RN MA to astronaut - if you do extra training ;)
  20. How did you get in then?

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