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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Celeron, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi, very quick question,

    I've been searching the forums for infomation regarding the role of MA, and have seen a couple of times that it's possible to serve with the RM, is this possible as a female?

  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yes and if you click and follow you will see what a good job the female medics are doing.
  3. I don't think women can because all Medical Assistants in the RM have to complete the All Arms Commando Course. As far as i'm aware women can't take the course still.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    BBB: RTFQ! :roll:

    Celeron asked if MAs can serve with the RMs; they can and they do, as Guns has pointed out via his handy link. Not all MAs who serve with the RM are obliged to complete the AACC, but some do...
  5. :oops: I didn't read it properley because I was so sure that us girls couldn't serve in RM as medical assistants. Happy to be proven wrong, sorry.
  6. Fantastic thanks, and one more question, is volunteering just a matter of putting your name down after training, or do you have to do some sea time first, and get some experience?
  7. Your likely to go straight to afgan, so ive heard. There was a girl on my RNAC and that is what she was told.
  8. Ok, thanks for the replies everybody!
  9. Yes MAs men and women can work along side, and you dont have to do the all arms course as there are a fair few serving along side, also if need be you can get attached to the army if they are short, so be prepared to go to the sandy place.
  10. I've met a few females who are going in as MAs, you just can't go in as a medical assistant submariner.
  11. I just thought of one my question, and I promise this will be the last!

    Apart from serving on ships, shore establishments and with the RM where else could I get posted as an MA?
  12. The sandy place ???? What more can you ask for?
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not sure how up to date my list is, doubtless it will be corrected, but...

    There are possibly still a couple of MA billets at the new Princes Royal Medical Centre in Gibraltar, likewise Headley Court, you could serve at Selly Oak hospital in Brum, Queen Alexanders Hospital Portsmouth, Derriford Hospital Plymouth & Guys London. You can also expect to work attached to Army & RAF deployed medical units overseas & in UK.

    Other than that I'm afraid as a Naval Medical Assistant it's just plain old Warships travelling around the world, Naval establishmnts around UK or within 3 Commando brigade all over the world, which tends to be a bit more stimulating than it may first appear.
  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Of course if you are very unlucky you could end up in one of hte worst places in world. Running sewers, dog poo scattered all over the place, locals who will kill you just for looking at them wrong and frankly the working conditions are worse than that. Old cramped accomadation, falling apart structures, surley people and frankly the smell is .... well what can I say.................

    drrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuummmmmmm rooooooooolllllll


    I thank you, I am here all week, try the veal and tip your waitress

    Taxi? For me?
  16. strange how Guzz always needs to compare itself to the one true naval base, bless. If you could get your floating barge into Pompey, you'd be more than welcome to sample civilisation......
  17. Alfred Guzz doesn't need to compare itself to any naval base. It already boasts the worlds first Dry Dock! In its heyday it was building ships and during Op Corporate ships were coming in on the morning tide and leaving on the evening tide having had a small refit to make them operational. I can see that not one poster on this thread has even mentioned Guzz..references to Pompey and Birmingham yes but no mention of Guzz until your post. Your point was ?
  18. I can second that - she's very well respected by the RMs for her attitude as well as her achievements. Did well on tour out in the sticks.
  19. Tre, it was mainly aimed at Guns, I know where he works!!!

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