Medical Assistant RT EXAM!

I have applied as a Medical Assistant, and now have my RT exam date through... Please help!

I really am on shakey grounds with mechanical comprehension and maths.
Does anyone have a rough idea how high I am to score in each of these topics? I really atrting to worry, I have already started to read up and practise... but still very scared! Any help/guidence will help.

Thank you :)

Ninja_Stoker said:
AET is the highest scoring engineering trade at around 66%. We aren't allowed to give specific pass fail marks out of 120 for each branch unfortunately & there are different minimum scoring parameters within each of the four sections - some trades requiring lower overall scores but higher "part scores" than others, so it's not at all clear cut.
Link to a thread about the RTs

Preperation is key to all exams. I don't see why it wouldn't apply to the RT.


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You must score a minimum of 33% correct in both Maths & English for Medical Assistant, with no minimum part scores in Reasoning or Literacy.

But to achieve an overall pass for MA, you should aim to score 60% in each of the four sections.

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