Medical Assistant role info

No recent posts on this issue so just wondering if there's any current info on the time its likely to take from walking into the AFCO to starting at Raliegh if you were hoping to join as an MA?
How involved is the 12 month medics course after Raleigh?
Is your first draft likely to be at sea or on shore?
Likely career progress?
As RM now offer the specialism, do many RN applicants apply for the commando course?
Thanks in advance.


I joined MA submariner. Around 1 year for me (But 6 months actual application process)
My joining date is in November due to me needing to pass out at least 17 and 2 months.
So might be shorter if you join at 17+
As of medical assistant surface fleet i do not know.


I asked my AFCO last year about waiting times. MA(SM) = ~6 months and MA(GS) = ~12 months, this might not be up to date and also relies on you being on the ball with security application, CRB, fitness tests, and whatever AFCO needs from you.


I'm still in the application stage for MA(SM), waiting for PRNC date, so there is probably not much else I can help you with other than application type things.

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