medical assistant prospects

Hi everyone

im thinking of joining up as an MA, can anyone give me any info on promotion prospects and career progression as a MA within the service.

Also if i were to volunteer to serve with the marines would i do more training [apart from AACC] and are there any benefits of serving with the marines as opposed to on ships or vice versa.
I cant really say much about prospects today.I was an MA back in the late 70's and early to mid 80's.i loved every minute of it,however,i didnt have ANY seatime at all!This has changed along with the training and structure.The RM MA's are now part of the RM and as such you will be in the thick of it alongside the booties.So if its a life of "excitement" that might be the one for you.The other option is subamriner MA but if you dot like Health physics then steer clear.The job will give you a good grounding for further training in civvy st,i went on to do my RGN and work in ITU/CCU for 15 years.

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