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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by robbo9, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. hello all,

    i recenlty emailed the AFCO about my colour vision and asked what jobs were open to me, the medical assistant job was the only one that was to any interest to me.
    i was wondering if anyone could tell what the job is all about, and how much ship time i would get, also how easy is it to become a PTI in this branch?
    what are medical assistant normally like? also simply is it a good job?


  2. When I was in the RN many years ago medical assistants liked sailors.
    Was a good job though, they never seemed to have to go on divisions or do ships duties. All the cleaning of the sick bay was done by the inmates. Lot of them seemed to be gay though.
  3. Check out this page for patient related woes!

    It seems a good job to me, would be better without patients, mind. ;)
  4. Robbo youre here again, MA must be the only branch you havent asked about, go and read all your postings, have`nt you asked about PTIs before, before you were told to pi55 off?
  5. Come on Hig your been a bit hard on the guy. Don't forget he's going to be new navy.
    What you should have said was "pi55 off please!"
  6. What Navy is he going to join? it will have to be a bigger one than ours, he`s been through every branch we`ve got FFS.
  7. Come on everyone, just 'cause you were all press-ganged :roll:

    Big decision, he has to be sure!
  8. thank you, so any good advice, oh and y the way the reason i have asked this is ebcasue all the the rjobs were off bounds to me becasue of my colour blindness
  9. I think MA sounds like a great trade to be in. Everyone at the AFCO presumed i was going to do that because i always had to go while i was still in work uniform. Only reason that one wasn't on my list is because the NHS has given me my fill of medical experience. Had i not ever worked in the NHS, i'd have loved to be a MA. I think you will learn a lot of interesting things, but i'm not sure how much ship time you get.
  10. You're asking about two different careers - MA and PTI. If you want to be a PTI then I'd caution against entering as an MA. Whilst you can branch transfer, MAs get quite an extensive education package and therefore financial investment by the RN. If you are thinking about branch transferring before you even join then the bean counters won't be all that willing to shell out for your training.

    I'm sure there are some MAs here who could enlighten further...
  11. i'm going in as an MA i start basic april 15th but are there many opportunities to work on ship and is it a practical job. :p
  12. Many moons ago, the Medical Branch probably attracted more the average number of gays. This probably related directly to the job; being able to be close to young men when they were vulnerable. It could also have related to the uniform; fore and aft rig is smarter than "milk churn". However, all that was a long time ago and the Medical Branch of today is much like any other in its mix of gender and sexual orientation. What the Branch does have is an ethos of care for the sick and injured, which it always had. Pay no attention to salty tales; I met some awful MA's, but I also met some truly awful Jack Dustys, Chefs, Stokers, etc. Also remember that MA's serve everywhere; Shore, Fleet, Submarines, Royal Marines, Fleet Air Arm etc.
  13. Lets put this into perspective. In the first Instance I'm not an MA, never have been nor I doubt ever will be (got a Merchant Navy "Ships Captain's Medical and an in date First Aid at Work qual. but it hardly makes me an MA - better possibly ?)

    Any way I've met some good MA's and I've met some bad ones, like all branches! But also like all branches you have to start at the bottom (see comments on gays) and work upwards! So if you want to be a bedpan emptier or clean up old snot and blood and all the other evil things that the most junior of your branch gets to do go ahead, join them! But if you really care for your fellow man(?) and wish to help him when he's in agony 'cos he's been burned, shot, punched, kicked, broken bones etc or even when he's got a dose of the crabs remember there's no greater reward than to see him get out of his sickbed and walk out of the ward with a cheery "shit that was close, thanks Doc" in your direction! Unfortunately I don't think your one of those blessed individuals who puts other before self, because otherwise you would know what a Medical Assistant is an would not be asking stupid questions! So may I suggest you go and get a job at the local Scottish Restaurant and leave real people (including MAs) alone

    or did 'ee say 'ee wanted to meet a real MAA! hee hee
  14. From my time in the Andrew, I would comment that the MA branch, is the fattest and most unfit in the RN, thus a period of time as an MA would leave you incapable of passing PTI aptitude.
  15. The RN is not exactly a very fit organisation and the medical branch is among the smallest of its branches. Quite a few medics manage to become green berets, though, so one might imagine that they are reasonably physically fit. As they say, never let the truth spoil a good dit!

    Love the posts that queston the sexual orientation of MAs. Thankfully, the days of homosexuality being a bar to employment are gone, but simple statistics tell you that the majority of homosexuals in the Navy have always been outside the medical branch. Why it should be a problem for posters is beyond me.
  16. Were you in the USN by any chance?when i was in and an MA there were no more jabbas than any other branch.It could also be that having to deal with muppets and numpties all day drove many of us to drink.MA's training,certainly in te 70's and 80's was the longest non tiffy training in the RN.Im sure youd be among the first to scream for an MA if you were injured?Or would you decline on the hppenchance he or she maybe gay??

    Being an MA is a job just like any you'll find in the RN,its just that we work on Humans and not machines,consequently they are in the most part a lot more complicated than machines(Marines ,stand fast!).its a case of horses for courses.I cant think of anything worse than working in an engine room! :?

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