Medical Assistant GS vs Submariner

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Elessar, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi there

    I've recently applies for the Royal Navy as a Medical Assistant. I did the application over the phone and the woman i spoke to had put me down as Submarine Service in response to me saying "i would consider it" when i was asked if i was interested in the Submarine Service. I've went in for the presentation and sent back my application and i've got my psychometric coming up in a few weeks. So we'd be discussing job roles in the near future.

    At the presentation i spoke to the Warrant Officer, he told me he had 36 years in the RN and his advice was not to join Submarine Service unless you were 100% sure.

    I'm still interested in the Submarine Service but i'm trying to go about finding information on the career differences between surface fleet and submariner for this job role.

    Can anyone advise what differences there are between being a Medical Assistant on surface fleet to submariner. Ideally i'm looking to find out the following:

    A) What are the differences in terms of gaining experience? The job advert says for surface fleet you may gain experience through a RN Shore base.

    B) How often would you likely to be on deployment with submariners and what are you likely to be doing when not at sea? The only info i can seem to find is SSBN rotation is every 3 months and SSN deployment can be 6+ months, so is there a simple answer as to how often i'd be out at sea?

    C) It's probably a dumb question but do submarines make port visits often? I had considered Combat Medical Technician with the Army but i was encouraged to join the Navy to "travel the world", but from what it seems, if you're in a submarine you're unlikely to see much of the world at all. This may be a dim view but it's just how it's come across from what i've read.

    D) Is there any indication as to how long the waiting list is for Medical Assistant roles in either GS or Submariner? I asked the Warrant Officer but they said they would not tell me but indicated there are shortages in Submarine Service and Royal Marines but wouldn't say any more.

    E) Can you transfer out of the Submarine Service after a period of time? When i asked at the presentation i was told once you pick a job that's more or less your job for your career and it is unlikely you can transfer, hence why i'm guessing he said you should be 100% sure before you agree to it. I'm guessing a fair few people have probably tried to apply to Submarine Service to get in quicker then ask to transfer out, i wouldn't expect that to fly given the time & money spent training you for it. However i'm wondering what would happen after say 5 years or so in Submariners if i wanted to transfer to the surface fleet if that would be possible after a period of time.

    Any help on this is appreciated.

  2. as far as I can remember and in order of you asking

    A) Whichever way you go you will do part of your training in a shore base and/or hospital unit. Main difference between GS an SM is that MASM's do a lot of Health Physics training, plus you're a planesman at sea.

    B)Submarine drafts and GS drafts are the same, when you get a sea draft you'll be ships company of that boat/ship for 2-3 years. You don't go to a boat just because it's deploying and then go back to a shore base when you get alongside. And there is no answer to how often you'll be at sea, all depends on the boats programme, the same as the surface world.

    C) Runs ashore..yes if you're SSN, no if you're SSBN. Not as many jollies as the surface world but you do get to live in hotels when you are on a jolly.

    D) Don't know

    C)What Jimbo said (it's all about manning requirements and bums on seats).
  3. Can't answer any of the questions due to no relevant experience but MA was one of my job choices and I was told by my CA that the waiting time for GS is 36 months and for SM it's 20.

    Might be something else to think about

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  4. Christ, 2-3 years? I'm not really looking for any other job roles other than medical so i guess i should withdraw my application and apply as a CMT for the Army now.
  5. It might be sooner, the waiting lists are dropping quite a bit with the amount of people who just get fed up of waiting just not continuing with their applications and people who find other jobs doing the same.

    You could always pop down to your nearest AFCO and discuss it with them.
  6. If you're not really prepared to wait, then you have to ask yourself if it's really something that you want to do? Also I'd be surprised if you got a look in for a CMT at the moment, as up to February this year the Army weren't recruiting for them any more as they had a massive influx of people wanting to be CMT's. All of the forces have seen a huge rise in applications since the economy started to go tits and you have to be prepared to wait because of this

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  7. Hi mate, I applied for Medical Assistant (GS) in Jan 2012, haven't got a start date yet but my careers adviser has told me to be patient, and that I'll get my chance :) To be honest the time has flown since then! :thumbup:

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