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Would anyone be able to tell me how often medical assistants are deployed. I'm really hoping to eventually earn my dolphins and be deployed as much as possible. Just wondering if this would be a reality or I would be placed on land for most of my career?


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Every boat carries at least 3 MA's (2 at sea, 1 left inboard (called 5th watch), who rotate with all 3 onboard alongside).

The only ones who don't go to sea are CPOMA(SM)s, unless there's a critical shortage of POs, so you'll crack in a fair bit of seatime before you reach the dizzy heights of Chief, although the CPOMA(SM) on FOST staff gets a few sea rides during a boats workup period.


Just your luck! I got my dates today. I applied for MASM in November. Did my RT test end of January (I know long wait) . within week or so Triage call on the 12/03. Medical on the 23/03. Paper review on the 12/04. I was TMU due to my eye so it delayed me a bit. Got passed medically fit on the 27/04. Did interview 30/04. Did my fitness test 12/05. Then i got my starting date for Raleigh on 11th November!
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By the looks of it MASM is a pretty shortage branch. They soon snapped me up when I applied for branch transfer. I started phase 2 in September.

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