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Medical Assistant and Mental health student nurse career timeline/progression

Im considering applying for one of these positions but feel the RN website isn't clear about the progression of these careers.
Tried calling the helpline and he was uncertain. Im hoping someone on the forum can confirm things.

For an MA it says "a salary that rises to at least £30,000 after training" on the same page it also says "£18,000" the minimum you will earn after training" then on Pay for rating roles it states "18,000 for 26 weeks till first promotion to a leading rating of "29,474"

So is it: Sign up (earn £14,784) > 10 weeks initial training > 52 weeks Prof training (during which increase to £18k within the 26weeks) > finish training = promotion to leading rating (earn £29k)

or Sign up (£14k) > 10 weeks initial + 52 weeks prof > earn £18k for 26 weeks to promotion

For Mental Health Nurse Student it has
  • A salary that rises to at least £18,000 after initial training
  • Once qualified, salary rises to over £31,000
is it sign up (£14k)> 10 weeks initial training (£18k)> 3yrs uni >qualify (£31k)

Hoping someone who has gone down one of these routes can shed a bit light and help me
As a trainee MA or Student Naval Nurse, the new entry rate of pay is £14k to week 26, then £18k.

Pay therafter is dependent on rate (rank) & time served.
Thanks ninja!

Just to clarify is initial training at hms Raleigh started prior to being sent to uni for 3yrs
And you earn 18k whilst studying?

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