Medical Assistant - All arms commando course - Help?

Hi, i am in the process of applying for a medical assistant, i have passed my rt test and have my medicals coming up!

I was was reading over some things and noticed that you can do the all arms commando course to gain your green beret and serve with the marines.

Does this mean you only work with the marines oppsoed to the navy?

Any information anybody has about this would be greatly appreciatied!

If you do your all arms, you are not just restricted to the marines. You dont need to be commando trained to work with the marines, but then again if you are commando trained i suppose it gives the other marines peace of mind that you are trained to a high infantry standard. But all the usual drafts and ships drafts etc are still open to you.


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daffy1 said:
...But all the usual drafts and ships drafts etc are still open to you...
...and would be a necessity for continuation training and promotion. I'm sure Angrydoc will be along shortly to give you the staff answer! :thumbleft:
thanks guys! so basically it allows me to serve with the marines also. As i dont want to be stuck in a medical room for my full career, id like to get out into the feild and help out in frontline situations!

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