Medical appointment after being passed medically fit



Last summer, I sustained a muscular injury whilst playing sport (I was already temporarily medically unfit at this stage due to an unrelated issue from years ago). I didn't mention this new injury to Capita thinking it would heal in no time but it didn't seem to be getting any better and being worried that it would affect my RN application, I went to see my GP about it in September. The GP said it was likely just a bad strain but referred me to physio in November. During this two month wait for the physio appointment my leg actually got better so I cancelled the physio appointment without attending. At around the same time, Capita passed me medically fit and I managed to get my fitness back and passed my PJFT. My leg has been fine ever since.

Now I have my start date for the RN, I'm worried that this GP appointment about the muscular injury may get me sent straight back home from HMS Raleigh on day one. Will the RN see all my medical records on day one and see this GP appointment? I have other career opportunities that I will need to turn down for the RN so need to be 100% sure that this GP appointment won't get me kicked out. Can anyone give any advice?

Thank you