medical appeal


Hi everyone,
Would anyone know the process for sorting out an appeal?
I am trying to join the marines but got my medical letter today saying that I failed the medical due to a bone cyst in 2008. I've read up on it and apparently they disappear after a couple of years.
Would the afco organise an xray scan or do they let the candidate do it?


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Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

I'm afraid the acquisition of medical evidence in support of an appeal would have to be at the appelants expense.

Before spending money, it would be worth submitting a written request to ask under what, if any circumstances, you could in future meet the medical standards for entry.

No point spending money if the condition itself is an outright bar, regardless of future circumstances.

Hopefully @nemesis1066 maybe able to give you a pointer.

Either way, best of luck.


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Ninja is right about the burden of proof for appeals sitting with the appelant, not the RN. In your case this could be costly if it required x-rays, MRIs etc.

There is no reason why you cannot write to the RN authority for medical standards for entry to ask for clarification on your condition and the possibility of appeal / reapplying etc. Your AFCO will be able to assist you with directing the letter to the correct person, but be accurate and concise in your writing with the facts.

Good luck.


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The medical standards for entry are broadly tre-service however the Corps tend to be more twitchy than most when it comes to lower-limb injuries & conditions due to the rigours of training and beyond.

Again, a letter enquiring about the circumstances under which you may join, should also reveal if alternative branches may be available.