medical appeal


I had the same problem with p8 due to two courses of Prednisolone after age 5
One for asthma
Other for chest infection
Still medically unfit after appeal
Devastated doesn't cover it
Anyone else have same problem?
Tri service I believe?
Hi all,

Is 6-8 weeks for an appeal still a reasonable estimate?

Passed my medical last year, passed POC, passed AIB, but wasn't selected for the RMYO batch 2016. Before looking at other options had to renue my medical, they picked up microscopic haematuria. Found PMU, but was given a list of tests to have done to appeal it. Was hoping to start training with the RMR at the start of October, the medical board have had the appeal (including all the evidence to tests detailed by Capita - all fine) for 5 weeks, but looks like I'll miss the window.

POC is only valid till end of the year so for the next intake I'll have to do PRMC, not the end of the world. Black Tuesday is good for the soul.

Any info, much appreciated.

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