Medical Appeal

Hi, Im not sure if this is in the correct section.

I applied for the Royal Navy 3 years ago now. I was meant to go down to Raleigh on the 25th November last year. But due to eczama coming on, I couldnt go. I got a note from the doctors along with cream and its now completly gone. Ive never experienced it before. Im just wondering if i appeal what would be the chances of getting another medical examination?

I've taken a few pictures of my face which i can send off aswell proving its fully gone. It was mainly patches around my fore head any eye.

Am I right in thinking its 3-5 years until i can apply again if my appeal is aproved?



The first thing that comes to mind is "was it eczema". Unusual to have a single episode of it which resolved with what I presume was a simple emollient. If it was then the period is 3 years but, from what you've said, I'm not convinced!


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