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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Aspiring_Naval_Officer, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. Hello all,

    Firstly if this has already been answered somewhere on here, I am sorry I missed it. I could just really use some advice as this news has come on a Saturday and I am so unbearably keen to get the ball rolling and feel stuck with it being a weekend...

    So today, I I received a letter stating I am PMU. I have read the stickies, and am aware that I cannot appeal a decision, unless it is on the grounds of misdiagnosis.

    I am 100% that this is the case, and so plan to formally appeal.

    I have written a letter (attached to an email) to my AFCO stating my intention, and I know I need to contact my GP, but can someone please clarify what the actual protocol is for me please?

    I have changed GPs numerous times since this misdiagnosis was made, so does this mean I need to talk to the original GP, or will my current GP be able to help?

    I don't mind sharing that the "GP under scrutiny" made a hasty diagnosis of "low mood", when quite clearly (and has since been proven and properly diagnosed) the symptoms were physical and are now under control. Further more the medical issue which was eventually diagnosed by a different GP is not a bar to entry.

    Unfortunately, this original diagnosis has clearly stuck with me, and is what is giving me problems now.

    So, is there anything I desperately need to do that I have missed? And what will happen when I do put this through?

    I am just utterly devastated that an overstretched GP has made a such a negative impact on my future career in no more than a 3 minute consultation!

    Thank you in advance for your advice!!

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  2. I had to appeal as capita said my sight wasn't up to scratch (after surgery) and they said I couldn't appeal so I took the letter to my AFCO and I had to have another eye test then a meeting with my AFCO and chief medical officer (over phone) and we all went Thru my medical. Thankfully everything checked out and on track toward my join date.

    I think in your case you will need to be assessed by your gp and would probably need a letter from your gp for the misdiagnosis then you may have a meeting like me or the details get sent to The medical officer and the rest is his decision if he sees you as medically fit.

    Hope this helped and hopefully you are successful.
  3. Thank you.

    It is comforting to see that someone has successfully appealed in the past.

    It is just a worry that with mental health concerns there is no "we can rule that issue out by performing this test" option, like there is with eyes etc.

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  4. Capita is awful at dealing with cases when I did my medical it was like he wanted me to fail I actually had to go back 3 times, but If you can get evidence of misdiagnosis I can't see how they can hold it against you. But your AFCO should be able to advise further
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to hear of your circumstances. Not a medical expert myself but it is a common enough query unfortunately.

    Presumably you went to your GP with a condition which was diagnosed and not treated to your satisfaction. You will therefore already have the evidence on your medical records demonstrating that you sought correct diagnosis and are now free from the condition and also prescribed treatment-free for several years.

    Be aware an appeal can take several months. There's no need to state an intent to appeal, just write a brief covering note to your AFCO, enclosing the qualified medical supporting evidence. Do not enter into explanations, background or technicalities - your supporting evidence from qualified medical experts should do this, all you are doing is stating you want a review on the grounds of the evidence you have provided.

    The medical standards on mental health are here:

    A suggested appeal letter template is here, post #3:

    Background info on mental health in the Armed Forces at the links in post#1:

    Good luck.
  6. Thank you! That is an extremely helpful and thorough answer - this forum is so great

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  7. Upon reading the Naval medical standards on mental health, as posted above, my condition (which I am disputing as a misdiagnosis anyway) is not by Navy standards severe enough to have termed me PMU in the first place?
    What could have happened here?
    Thanks again.

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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In many instances, when the contracted company write to a GP requesting detail regarding a medical issue, the GP surgery provides insufficient, inadequate or inaccurate detail. The upshot is a 'reject' outcome simply because it is a default setting when there is ambiguity.

    Be aware, it is not always the case - very often recurrent (chronic) or long standing medical issues are simply a bar because there is an increased likelihood it will happen again.
  9. I see, very unfortunate that a potentially exceptional candidate could get PMU'd simply because of incomplete detail provided by a GP who might not necessarily even know them. I dread to think how many people that could have happened to.

    This isn't the case for me however, as I can easily prove that the "low mood" diagnosis was attributed to a physical ailment, not psychological.

    This has been a total shock to me, as that consultation where the doctor did no more than write a prescription for antidepressants (not questioning symptoms or anything), which subsequently I never took, was a complete non issue for me, and as far as I was concerned was mitigated by the fact that a different doctor went on to diagnose the actual problem!

    I am ready and willing to do everything I can to get this sorted out, and continue in my Naval application as soon as possible!

    Thank you again for your help.

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  10. Did you ever get a reply back from this situation? If so was it successful? I'm currently in a very similar situation myself
  11. Hello wiganrl,

    Yes, quite some time ago now as you can see I was undergoing the appeal process.
    I eventually compiled a large amount of evidence to the contrary from varying sources of medical professionalism.
    In conclusion, after submitting my appeal, the verdict was overturned fully within 10 days. I was classed at fit, and able to carry on with my application.
    I hope this gives you some light at the end of the tunnel. All the best in your application.

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  12. That's great news, thanks for the help.

    What evidence did you compile? I'm currently waiting to attend my doctors to get a written letter to support my side of things. Anything else I could use?

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