Medical appeal wait time?

Hi, this is my first post here and I will try to keep it short. Around one month ago I launched an appeal against being failed on my medical for the Royal Navy. I gathered evidence for my appeal and wrote a cover letter to my AFCO explaining my appeal. I then got a letter informing me that my appeal had been forwarded to the Captain of Naval Recruiting for further consideration.

The question I want to ask is how long should I be expecting to wait for a response? I am not of course asking for an exact date but is it normal for me to be waiting a month with no response? Any help would be massively appreciated on this matter. Thank You.


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Once you submit a medical appeal via your AFCO, you should receive an acknowledgement letter advising your appeal has been received and forwarded to Captain Naval Recruiting for review by the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries).

Timescales are difficult to gauge as the service is inundated by medical appeals. Many appeals are unfounded and merely submitted because the individual simply disagrees with the non-negotible standard for entry and thinks "I've nothing to lose". Snag is that the system is completely snarled-up because of this, so valid appeals, with irrefutable supporting medical evidence are severely delayed.

Most appeals receive a response within 6 to 8 weeks, however it can be longer if the individual needs to be referred to a service medical consultant who may also have a significant waiting list in which those already serving and earning a wage, are prioritised. Some referrals involve follow-up medicals in places such as Guys London, Selly Oak Birmngham, Derriford Plymouth, Institute of Naval Medicine in Alverstoke, etc.

As I'm sure most will appreciate, the exacting standards set are rigidly applied due to the extreme rigours a service person may have to undergo in an operational environment. It's therefore vital the wellbeing of the individual & those who may reply upon them in a life or death combat situation is of paramount importance - frustrating though it is.

Good luck.

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