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Hi, i was made PMU last week due to 'double vision' being on my medical records, i understand this is a bar to entry, but i don't experience double vision anymore and haven't for years as my eyes were corrected with glasses.
i was told by my AFCO to appeal, and i asked how i would need to go about it. He said to just write a formal letter to my careers advisor explaining why i want to appeal, when i asked him if i needed to make a doctors appointment to get a letter from them he said no, but i've seen posts on here saying in order to have a high chance of passing the appeal i will need evidence?

sorry for posting quite a bit recently, just concerned! any help will be appreciated :)
You're only going to get one chance to appeal - you don't want to regret not sending in letters that could get you the all clear?

I'd go in all guns (or letters ) blazing!

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