Medical Appeal for Hyperhidrosis



I just completed my telephone interview with the Capita nurse. I was barred from entry due to hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms and feet). The nurse suggested that I make an appeal, which I intend to do. This is what I found out through the JSP 950 form: "Hyperhidrosis. Candidates with severe disease affecting function are normally graded P8." The key words seem to be "severe" and, "affecting function" If I can prove, through a letter from my GP, that my condition is not severe and is controllable, will I have grounds for an appeal? The nurse did say I could make an appeal.

Has anyone ever made a successful appeal in regards to this condition? I tried calling my AFCO in regards to the same but can't seem to get through over the phone.

May I know the procedures for making an appeal.

I appreciate any input.

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