Medical Appeal advice.

Hi everyone,

I have had my Medical today. Due to having piles two months ago I'm placed as PMU. The rest of the medical worked fine, in fact I would have passed if it wasn't for this issue. I had piles a couple of years back and this was a factor in the decision.

When i get the letter I know I have to contact my AFCO and then request an appeal. I also know how to do this. ( with a formal letter and evidence from the GP via email.) i also feel confident that an examination would suffice, however I want to be sure.

My question is then, would a GP clearance be enough evidence to be another medical appointment? And what is the typical time period i am looking for from sending the letter to the AFCO? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Whilst not able to offer definitive medical advice but able to hopefully manage expectations and give a pointer: To lodge an appeal you would need to produce qualified medical evidence that the condition is fully resolved to the extent future recurrence is no more likely than a person who has never suffered from the condition. Invariably this would possibly require a period of symptom-free time may well need to elapse. Trouble is, if you have had a repeat history then it's a bit difficult to claim it will not occur in future unless, for example, something such as a surgical procedure has been successfully undertaken. Then again a repeat history may well be an outright bar.

Before submitting an appeal, I'd be inclined to write a response to the medical rejection letter to request under what circumstances, if any, you could in future meet the medical standards for entry. This will determine whether the condition is an outright bar due to the history or whether there is a way ahead.